Some Amazing Online Sermons

As a part of my intentionality in pursuing God on a daily basis I have come to the reality that how I used to be able to do this is changing as my daily time commitments are ever changing. It has been a challenge to try to spend each day with intentionality. On the days I have to sleep all day in between my graveyard shifts there leaves little time to set aside to meet with God for an extended period. My wonderful husband Adam suggested just having a couple of days a week where I set aside “reflection time” and the other days that are busier to just try to find a way to sneak something in. So I have been relying on KGFTs podcasts. KGFT is an incredible radio station we used to listen to in Colorado Springs. They play all different sermons all day long! So I have subscribed and plug my iPod in almost every day now and listen as I’m getting ready for work. For any of you who care or who would like to sign up and listen to some of these iPods here are my absolute favorites:

Dr. J. Vernon McGee

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He is an incredible pastor who started this radio ministry back in the 1940’s to teach people the Word of God. He is an “old school” pastor who preaches it as it is… there is no dumming down, no modifications of the truth, no fear of hurting anyone’s feelings… he tells it as it is and always comments “this is not me saying this but God says it”


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He is a funny Scottish pastor who uses Scripture to teach from a topical standpoint.


“Insight for Living”. When I think of Chuck Swindoll I can’t help but have a big smile on my face. He is the cutest old man and I would love it if he was one of my grandpas : ) He has this goofy laugh but in all seriousness delivers God’s Word with love and compassion.


“Renewing Your Mind” is the radio broadcast for R.C. Sproul. He is another pastor who delivers God’s Word from a no-nonsense way of teaching.

John MacArthur

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“Grace to You”. John is a very passionate speaker who always gets me fired up about whatever he’s preaching about.


Hank Hanegraaff

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“The Bible Answer Man”. Hank is basically a walking encyclopedia. His broadcast is 30 minutes long and consists of Q & A’s from listeners. He is able to find a biblical answer for nearly every question. This is a great source of apologetics and basic questions of the Christian faith.


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