There is a God

The other night while I was trying unsuccessfully to sleep I finally brought Amelia into bed with me to try to get her to sleep a little better as she had been so restless all night. She finally fell asleep in my arms laying against my chest. I was wide awake at this point (roughly 4 AM) and I was looking down just watching her sleep on me. As I was watching her I was so overwhelmed at the wonder of this created being I was holding in my arms. I just cannot believe that she’s real sometimes. And I cannot believe she was created by God inside of me! What a miracle it truly is! God has made pregnancy and the creation of his beings such an incredible thing. The fact that a placenta develops with an umbilical cord that brings life to a growing baby inside a woman’s belly without the woman needing to do anything and the fact that a baby develops perfectly with all its organs functioning and knowing what to do the minute the baby leaves the warmth of the womb and enters this cold bright world, it all just facinates me. If I ever struggled believing there was a God I definitely don’t anymore. To me there is just no way that the growth and development of a human being just accidentally happened. It is clear there is a Creator behind it. It’s just too perfect for an accident… too perfect for chance. And God cannot be mocked. This is evidence of His greatness and His glory and His love for His people. I am so incredibly thankful that He has blessed Adam and I with the experience of pregnancy and childbirth and now watching our beautiful daughter grow and develop… just the way God intended.

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Psalm 139:13

God using my womb as the location of His craftmanship

The end result of 9 months of God’s perfection

Thinking about all of this reminds me of this song by Lee Ann Womack called “There Is A God”. I tried to find it to add to my playlist but I couldn’t : ( so you can sing it to your own tune!

Try and put your arms around the 100 year old tree

Climb up on a horse and let it run full speed

Take a look down at the world from 30,000 feet on your next flight

Watch a flock of birds against the morning sun

Close your eyes and listen to the river run

Catch a firefly in your hand or a raindrop on your tongue


Chorus: There is a God

There is a God

There is a God

How much proof do you need?


Plant a seed and see what comes out of the ground

Find the heartbeat on your baby’s ultrasound

In a few years hear it laughing, and don’t it sound like a song?

Stop and think about what you don’t understand

Things like life and love and how the world began

Hear the doctor say he can’t explain it, but the cancer is gone


Chorus: There is a God

There is a God

There is a God

How much proof do you need?


Bridge: Science says it’s all just circumstance

Like this whole worlds just an accident

But if you want to shoot that theory down,

Look around Just look around


There is a God

There is a God

There is a God,

How much proof do you need?


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