Book Review: Table for Five

I don’t know what has gotten into me lately but I have been all about reading books… and eating mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate syrup : ) I picked up this book at Goodwill for $2 not knowing what to expect… it sounded interesting so I took a risk. The book is about this divorced couple who have 3 young children and the couple die in a tragic car accident. The husband’s brother (who ironically is an ex-pro golfer and single bachelor) is granted custody of their children. The wife’s best friend is an uptight traditional schoolteacher who fights with the brother to help raise the children as this was her friend’s wishes although it was never legally written. It is a lighthearted book about these two opposite adults joining together with one purpose: to raise these children and help them cope with the loss of their parents. It is a very well written book as Susan Wiggs brings the perspective of this tragedy into light from each person’s point of view. It invites you to feel and sympathize with the different characters even though you may have never walked in any of their footsteps before. I found it sort of puzzling that the main male character was pursuing professional golf (like Adam) and the book takes place in Oregon (where I was born)! I found myself smiling throughout the book as it is heartwarming towards the end and like any good book I felt a twinge of sadness as I turned the last page saying good-bye to the characters. This book gave me hopes for Adam and I to get a wonderbread golf sponsorship as the main character got one and traveled in an RV during the summertime with the schoolteacher and the 3 children while he played in different golf tournaments : ) I would LOVE to do this with Adam!


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