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 I absolutely love Christmastime! I think most people do. As I sit and reflect today on what it is that is so “magical” about Christmas, I remember my Christmas in 2002. This was the last Christmas I celebrated as a person not knowing what I was celebrating. I just remember being bothered that Christmas of thinking I know Christmas is something about Jesus and something that’s supposed to be religious but I’m not “religious” I don’t really believe in God or a god or whatever and who is this Jesus anyways so why do I even celebrate Christmas… for the presents, the tree, the good food, the snow, the lights, is this okay to celebrate these things when it really doesn’t reflect the whole point in Christmas?

 These thoughts were the very beginning of God introducing Himself to me. I set off from that Christmas forward to get to the bottom of who this God and Jesus from Christmas really was and God brought me from a place of confusion, desperation and emptiness into a relationship with Him that following April! Praise God for using the holiday season for what it was inteded for… to celebrate His Son Jesus coming to this earth as a human to live and breathe and walk among us (God… walking among us… that’s crazy!) and then to be crucified on the cross so that we… everyone… I… YOU… can experience freedom from the power of sin… forever! What?!?!?! You mean I can be free? I don’t have to be bogged down by shame, inadequacy, bitterness, anger, jealousy and so many other depressing captivating emotions and places that leave me wondering “is this all to life?” but instead I can be free! I can have peace that surpasses understanding; I can speak one to one with the creator of the universe and He wants to hear from me; I can trust my life to Him and know He will direct my path and everything will have a purpose and a reason. And the best of all is that when I leave this earth I WILL meet Him FACE to FACE in Heaven and spend eternity there instead of eternity in Hell amongst darkness and evil. That’s what I’m celebrating this Christmas! That’s what Christmas is all about. So I pray that this Christmas will be so incredibly life-changing and different for you. That if you don’t know what it is you’re celebrating that you would find out. Don’t let another Christmas go by while decorating your tree, buying presents, baking and admiring the lights and not even think about wht is behind all of this… question it, investigate it and surrender your life to Him who is CHRIST-mas. He wants to bless you like crazy and He wants to give you the best gift anyone can get for Christmas… His salvation.  

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