Homemade Lotion and Diaper Rash Cream

I’ve been meaning to post this for some time now but keep forgetting. I have very sensitive skin and this pregnancy has made it incredibly worse so I was searching for some alternative lotions that may help with my legs constantly itching. I came across this ladies blog and she had a recipe for homemade moisturizer. I started making it and using it and noticed a significant difference… a difference in no itching at all! So I thought I’d share for any of you with sensitive skin or anyone looking to save some money as all those “natural” and “good for you” beauty products can add up and this one is very inexpensive and super easy to make. I will say it’s not for everyone… it’s a little oily and leaves a remnant on your skin until your skin absorbs the rest of it (for me about an hour or so) but once it does your skin is so smooth and feels so fabulous! So if you can handle the oiliness (is that a word?) then I would suggest it.

This recipe will fill a 16 oz. container:

1/2 cup coconut oil – I bought mine at Sprouts for $8 which lasted 3 rounds of lotion, here’s the kind I bought, they recommend unrefined for beauty products

1 cup raw shea butter – There is a yellow based and a cream based shea butter, the yellow based will leave a slight yellow residue to your skin that can rub off so I recommend any cream based shea butter, this size will last a LONG time, I’m not halfway done with my 32 oz. container I purchased 5 months ago for $18 and I’ve made 3 rounds of lotion

1/4 cup arrowroot powder or cornstarch (optional to thicken) – I do use this to thicken the lotion a bit and the arrowroot powder is very inexpensive

And that’s it! You blend it all in a bowl and transfer to whatever container you want to use… simple and wonderful! I used to spend $20 on Aveeno Intense Repair Moisturizer that would barely last me one month and here I’ve spent $26 and I’m going on 6-7 months before I need to purchase anything more!


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