Cloth Diapers: Cost Summary

Here is a breakdown of my cost for start-up of cloth diapering:

 Diaper Covers: $135.87 for 17 covers. Each cover lasts about 1 full day for each child and 1 for nighttime so by wash day (every 4-5 days) I usually still have a few clean covers still remaining.

 Prefolds: $112.52 for 97 prefolds (20 preemie size, 41 infant size, 36 regular size). I average about 4-5 prefolds/day for Amelia and 6-8 prefolds/day for Joshua so wash day usually comes when I only have a few prefolds left for Joshua but there’s usually quite a bit left for Amelia.

 Wet Bags/Diaper Pail: $76.94 (1 large wet bag, 1 diaper pail, 1 diaper pail liner, 1 medium wet/dry bag).

 Total Cost: $325.33

 I calculated the amount we would have spent on disposables and at what point we would start saving money after all the start up costs and we broke even after 5 months! In 5 months we would have spent on disposables the same amount I spent on starting up cloth diapers and from this point on we are saving money, money, money and my stash will last through multiple kiddos! I am so excited to see how much money we will save over the years to come!


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