Cloth Diapers: Washing Routine

I have 4 different wetbags to contain my diapers in preparation for washing. We have two changing stations in our house. The one in the kiddos bedroom and another in our room for when I’m feeding Joshua in the night. In the kiddos bedroom I have a small wetbag where I put all the dirty diaper covers and I also have a  large wetbag where I put the dirty prefolds. I also keep a small step trash can closeby to throw the dirty wipes in.


In our room I have a diaper pail (which is a fancy word for a large trash can I bought at Kmart for $19– this isn’t the one I bought but similar). I recommend the slim step because it fits nicely into a nook as opposed to a wide trash can and the step is nice since you’re holding a dirty diaper so your hands aren’t available! I have a diaper pail liner inside my fancy trash can and this is where I put more dirty prefolds. Here is our lovely changing table in our bedroom thanks to Tanko for sharing his kennel : ) It’s the perfect height and with a towel and blanket it’s nice and cozy! The trash can is to the left and to the right are some diapers/wipes and clothes for Joshy.


And then I have a wet/dry bag for our diaper bag when we are out and about. These are nice because there are two sections to the bag, one section to put the clean unused diapers and another section to put the used diapers.
So… on washing day (which is about every 4-5 days) I gather all my bags and first empty the prefolds into the washer and follow these steps: (1) Rinse cold (2) Wash hot w/Country Save laundry detergent  (3) Rinse hot w/ 1 cup vinegar in my downy ball (to break down the uric acid and soften the diapers) (4) Tumble dry with a clean towel and no dryer sheet (the towel helps speed up the drying process… it cuts my time by 10 minutes!). While the prefolds are drying I throw all the diaper covers and various wet bags into the washer and follow these steps (I wash my diaper covers with the delicate cycle and make sure you close the velcro fasteners first): (1) Rinse cold (2) Wash warm w/Country Save (3) Rinse warm (4) Hang dry outside – the power of the sun really and truly will erase all the stains in the cover and return them to bright white (I was skeptical of this at first but have gladly been proven wrong) if it’s not possible to hang outside then I dry them on the “knit/delicate” cycle. And that’s it! 


 These next 3 pictures our photographer in training Millie took… I thought they were really good!


 She wanted to emphasize the white brightness to the lining of the diaper covers thanks to the sun!


 Look how perfectly straight and centered this picture is she took… I was so impressed!


 And here is where I store Amelia’s cloth diaper stash since her and Joshy share a dresser… this is the best invention this hanging closet thing we got at Target! It saves so much room in our closet while nice and neatly organizing my miscellaneous diapers and things.


Miscellaneous washing tips:

As far as the poop on the diaper goes, for Joshua being breastfed I just throw the diapers in the wet bags without rinsing, for Amelia her poop either just falls right off into the toilet for flushing or else I hold the diaper in the toilet and flush and let the running water rinse off the external residue and then I throw it into the wet bag.

Also I have been using Country Save because of how cheap it is but I also love Charlie’s Soap but it’s a little more expensive. This summer I am going to experiment with homemade laundry detergent originally found at the Duggar’s website so I will let you all know how that turns out!

Stripping Prefolds:

I have learned the hard way the importance of stripping your prefolds. If you do not do this then the urine will over time deposit into the fibers of the prefolds and cause uric acid buildup which will cause a red irritated baby bum : ( It is recommended to do this every 2-3 months. All you do is throw in a pile of clean prefolds and wash on hot with approximately 2 Tlbs. of blue dawn dish soap. Continue to run regular hot wash cycles (water only, no detergent or soaps) until there are no more bubbles during the agitation phase of the rinse cycle (for me it’s usually 2-3 cycles). And dry as usual.


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