Book Review: The Hunger Games

This was such a good book. I started it slowly more due to a lack of free reading time but I sat down to read a few pages and finished the second half of the book in one sitting because I was hooked! This book is a movie that will be out in theatres on March 23rd… my recommendation is to read the book before the movie because that’s always more fun!

 This is the first of three books in this series. The setting is in a new world called Panem where there are 12 different districts of people. Every year they have the Hunger Games which is essentially a Gladiator competition where a boy and a girl are randomly selected from each district and placed in a controlled environment to fight to the death. Only 1 person lives.

 There is so much action in this book and it is filled with suspense I could not put it down. In the midst of all the action I thought Collins drew you in even more with an emotional attachment to the characters. Even though I have never experienced any of the things the main character Katniss experiences I felt like I could relate to her because of the emotional draw that Collins used. The type of life that is lived in Panem makes you very thankful for the abundance of needs that are filled in your normal daily life (i.e. food, water, hot water, etc.).

 I really want to write so much more about this book but I don’t want to give away a single thing and please do not read the blurb on the back of Book 2 or Book 3 as it will give away what happens at the end of this book. Enjoy!


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