Book Review: The Fruit of Her Hands

This quickly became my new and one of my all time favorite books… within the first 2 pages of the book I fell in love with it! The subtitle of this book is “Respect and the Christian Woman” and is centered around the role women have as Godly wives submitting to the headship of their husbands in the way God intended (not the way the world lies about submission). She expands beyond this role and dips a little bit into what it looks like to be a Godly woman in respects to your personal pursuit of Christ and your friendships and a little about your mothering. Here are a few of my favorite parts from the book:

I already mentioned this in my previous post here but feel it so important to mention under the actual book review: “We must determine to be obedient to the Word of God no matter what it says, with no compromises. This is what it means to be a woman of the Word. We must find out what the Bible teaches about marriage, about children, about men and women and their roles, and then we must be obedient with no apologies, no matter what the cost. Is this radical Christianity? No. This is basic Christianity.” p.15

 “A head (our husbands) is given to a woman for protection, safety, and shelter… Submitting to someone whom God has placed over you with loving authority is a relief, not a burden.” p.17

 This is convicting… “In many situations, it is no wonder we don’t know what to do – we aren’t in the Word. How can we know what God requires if we are not reading what He has written (Deut 8.3)?” p.29

 “A dictionary definition of respect demonstrates that it is a verb; it is something that involves action on our part… Even if we feel it, we must not stop there but go on to show it. And if we do not feel it, we are still commanded to show it… The blessing that results from simple obedience to God’s command is wonderful regardless of change in their husbands.” p. 31 and 32

 I never thought about it like this… “A woman who trusts God is able to acknowledge that all things are under His divine control… A woman who trusts God is able to submit to her husband. Why? Because God is in control of all things, even her husband.” p.41

 This is convicting too… “Women see that the laundry gets done, that the meals are prepared, that the children are clean, and that countless other tasks get done, but are they as diligent to see that they respect their husbands?” p.47

 This explains why I don’t feel rested when I spend hours zoning in front of the TV or fruitlessly searching the internet… “Mothers must be able to know when to lay the work (housework) aside. But just as our work is ‘unto the Lord,’ so our rest should also be unto Him… He must bless my rest in order for me really to enjoy it.” p. 77

 “When He commands us to behave in a certain way, we must take it very seriously, and not weigh it next to the world’s wisdom to see which is more appealing to us.” p. 87

 “Your godliness is never dependent on someone else. You stand before God in Christ and are accountable to Him for your behavior.” p. 97

 Whew! It took me a lot of sifting to pull out just my favorite underlined sections… I would have underlined the whole book if I let myself! I really recommend this for any and every woman and I wish it was a book I had read towards the beginning of my marriage before I allowed some bad patterns to make way into our marriage and now must repent and change of. This book has been around for awhile and if you search on Amazon you can find used copies for about $4 including shipping!


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