A is for Alligator

ABC Theme Week 1 : A is for Alligator

We did it! We completed our first week of Preschool! It was a wonderful week. It went just as I had hoped for and even a little better as Amelia was so enthusiastic to learn! One particular day while I was picking some things up around the house she was kind of fussy and whiney and I decided to stop and start learning time to see what would happen to her attitude. I said “Sweetie, let’s go start our learning time” and she dropped what she was doing and ran into her room and sat at her table waiting for me : )

Circle Time: We read randomnly all throughout her storybook bible and began learning about the character of “Attentive”. The bible verse for the letter A:

“A soft answer turns away wrath.”

Proverbs 15:1

We began with some letter recognition for the letter A and learning the difference between uppercase and lowercase.

 Look how well she did tracing the letters (behind the large red scribbles of course!)

 Here was a fun activity from the comprehensive curriculum book. She loves to glue things so you were supposed to cut out the pictures that start with the letter A and glue them onto the paper.

 We did this the last day and I was shocked at how well she did tracing the letters. I have no clue what is normal at this age but she has never traced letters before and I was so proud of her! She had the hugest grin on her face after each letter because she knew how well she did too!

 We learned about Alligators for the letter of the week. These are the 2 books I found at the library.

 A fun craft idea I found from this website (which is where I printed a lot of letter A worksheets and alligator coloring sheets) … an Alligator paper bag puppet.

 We did a little bit of map recognition. I found a blank coloring sheet of the United States as well as blank coloring sheets of the shape of each state in the United States from this website. We underlined the states that start with the letter A so she could get an idea of where on the map they are and to start understanding what a map represents. I showed her which state we live in now and we used to live in and where Aunti Abbi lives and Meema Noreen lives and our friends Erin and Emma live : ) She thought it was so neat when daddy got home that she could point to the state where Meema lives : ) Here are some fun books I found at our library that teach the state flag, flower, animal, etc. She’s a little too early to really learn all of these but it was fun to just read them together and I have them in the back of my mind for later on to really learn about states when she’s a bit older.

 We practiced drawing a circle and drawing a line from left to right.

 She knows her colors well and I almost skipped this section but realized it was a good learning tool to recognize what things/objects share the same color. So we had fun coloring these objects Red.

 I liked the critical thinking of this sheet and again was so proud at how well she did matching up the shapes and tracing what the shapes were!

 We learned about the #0 and she picked up really quickly on what 0 meant as she pointed right away to the fish with 0 spots. I don’t know about you but when we practice counting I always start with #1 so I wasn’t sure how she would do with this but she did great!

 She loved learning time this week!

 Here she is playing a little “Connect 4” game I found at the Dollar Tree

 I also used clothespins and a clothesline from the Dollar Tree to hang up the worksheets in her room that we completed each day. This was great because during our review time each day I picked her up and we pointed to what we had learned. She also loved showing daddy what she did every day up on the wall. She was a little bummed when we hung up the last picture because there was nothing else to hang up : ) I am trying to figure out what to do with these each week – I may put them in plastic page protectors and label with the letter “A” and put it in a binder as a keepsake and a help for when Joshie is ready for this stage and also where we can go and review the letters later on this year. I will take down the letter A worksheets and next week we will put up the sheets for the letter B we complete and so on.

We also practiced cutting and we checkmarked the weather each day after she looked out the window to tell me what kind of weather she saw. She was so cute doing this, the last day I asked her to look out her window and tell me what kind of weather she sees and she looked out and said “ummmmmmm, 1 cloud” hehe! And we started learning the calendar and writing the day on a blank dry erase calendar board… this is a hard concept but at least she can begin to recognize a calendar as a foundation for later on understanding the different days of the week and month.

 Here are some more pictures of some of the materials and links I used for planning our Preschool Year One.

 Next week: B is for Butterfly


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