Book Review: Dare to Discipline, Created to be His Helpmeet and Standing on the Promises

I decided to combine these 3 books together into one book review as these were not my favorite books and I’m not sure I would recommend them : (

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 The first one is Dare to Discipline by Dr. James Dobson. He works for Focus on the Family and is very well-known. I actually have not listened to him too much but know of Focus and have enjoyed many radio broadcasts they put on so I just assumed it would be a good book. It’s not that it is not a good book but I was just disappointed because it was very much a “psychological” child-raising book instead of a Scripture driven and focused book. He very rarely mentioned God and what the Scriptures say in regards to a certain topic. He frequently approached these topics from his psychological opinion as a doctor and what he’s seen in his practice. I have prayed a lot each time I read a book that God would show me if this is in alignment with His will for the way we raise Amelia and Joshua and if the direction in the book is direct wisdom from Him or not. I felt a strong sense that God wanted me to put the book away so as to not cloud my mind with various opinions that do not stick their basis in His Word. So I did not finish this book but closed it with peace.

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 The second book is Created to be His Helpmeet by Debi Pearl. I follow Lindsay at Passionate Homemaking and she had a link to this website of a great review of this book: Challies Book Review. I found this book (and Dr. Dobson’s book) at the local thrift store for $1 a piece and thought they both looked okay. I hadn’t started reading this book and saw her link for this book review and it completely changed my mind. I encourage you to read it if you have this book and/or are considering reading it. The basis of the review is that Debi Pearl writes from a very antagonizing, disgraceful, rude and prideful stance. She tears other women down at one point referring to a lady she saw in a store as “ugly” and just fills the book with words that will leave you feeling terrible about yourself. This is the last thing women need! There are so many incredible books out there and so little time that it does not seem worth it to spend time on a book like this!!!  


This is the third book: Standing on the Promises by Douglas Wilson. I enjoyed certain parts of this book but overall am not sure if I’d recommend it. The Wilsons hold some strong convictions that tend to be areas of weighty discussion and division among the church (specifically in the area of predestination). This book is centered around predestination of children (covenant children as they refer to it). At this point in my Christian faith I feel turned away from holding a strong conviction over one belief or another in this area and have found during the times I’ve researched it that I find scriptures to support both sides and have not been led by the Spirit towards one or the other. I feel at peace about this and find some of these topics to be ones that we will not fully understand during this earth and this is where God is greater than I am and has a bigger plan than I can ever understand and so I will continue to put my faith in His purposes. There are some good points Wilson makes, specifically in the Application chapter but for the majority of the book he writes kind of harshly and in a very opinionated manner. I thought there would be more direction in child raising from a biblical viewpoint but it is more centered around how he and his wife hold the belief about covenant children. I still plan to read some of his other books as one of my favorite books is The Fruit of Her Hands by his wife Nancy Wilson.

 So I guess my “this is my all time favorite book and I know I’ve said this about every book but it’s true” streak has ended!!!

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