B is for Butterfly

ABC Theme Week 2: B is for Butterfly

We completed our second week of preschool! This week we did the letter B for Butterfly. Amelia still asked every morning shortly after she woke up if we could do learning time today :  ) When I told her yes she would get so excited!

Circle Time: We continued learning about the character of “Attentive”. I know she’s understanding this one because this week she while I was nursing Josh she looked at me and said “mom… you need to be attentive, i’m talking to you” ha! She picks up quick! We read about Creation and David and Goliath and Noah’s Ark from her storybook bible. And the verse for the letter B this week:

“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God.”

Matthew 5:9

We continued with simple letter recognition and uppercase vs lowercase followed with some fun activity sheets to help recognize pictures that start with the letter B.

She did so well tracing the letters last week that I had her keep practicing this week. I could not believe how well she did for the lowercase b ! The uppercase was a little more difficult for her which isn’t surprising since all a lowercase b is a straight line and a circle which she has already practiced.

We did a couple of crafts for the butterfly part. She glued these cotton balls onto the foam butterfly template from the Dollar Tree and the butterfly on the left was an activity from this book that I found at a 50% off day at Goodwill for 50 cents! (I love this book, it is really neat because it is organized by months and each month has a theme to it and quite a few crafts/activities/songs to match with the theme for the month… super neat!). Basically you take 2 pieces of contact paper in the shape of a butterfly and you crunch up some tissue paper and put it on the sticky part of one piece of contact paper and then you press the second piece together… she loved crunching up the tissue paper!

These were the books we found at the library. I really liked the fictional book “The Prince of Butterflies” by Bruce Coville where he is a little boy and the butterflies swarm him and turn him into a butterfly and he flies up in the sky… it’s very cute!

I got to match learning the colors this week with a butterfly picture which was great. This is a color by # picture which helped  her learn some # recognition and color matching… she did great!

She worked on cutting and is now holding scissors properly and for the first time she opened, closed, opened and moved forward to keep cutting more of the line (before she just opened, closed, opened and took the scissors out so she couldn’t progress forward on the page with the scissors)

More work on the # 0… I think we’re ready to move on… she learned for the map recognition that there are “zero” states that start with the letter B : )

More work with left to right… she has the concept down but doesn’t quite stay on the lines so I think we’ll work on this a little more until she can really stay close to the dotted lines.

She’s mastered the circle…

And due to her type-A personality (where does that come from?!?!) she is excellent at matching so we’ll move forward from here!


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