C is for Cow

ABC Theme Week 3: C is for Cow

This was our first week of an unconventional week… unstructured week… not sure how you would put it. We were only home 1 day this past week so it took some creativity to try to get our 4 days of “schooling” in but we did it!

Circle Time: We started learning the character trait of “Faith”. This is definitely an abstract concept for a 3 year old to grasp (sometimes we as adults have a hard time grasping it ourselves)! I really have no clue how much she’s understanding it but she still enjoys reading the stories so I figure it’s all about laying a foundation : ) We read about Abraham and God’s Promise to him in her storybook bible. And the verse for the letter C this week:

“Children, obey your parents in all things

for this is pleasing to the Lord.”

Colossians 3:20

We worked on letter recognition and uppercase vs. lowercase

This was a cute activity to recognize uppercase vs. lowercase and patterns where you had to draw a line to match the patterns

She did really good tracing the letter C

I asked her if she wanted to freehand draw some letter C’s and this is what I got : ) I knew it was a little early for that!

I was so proud of how well she drew in the lines of these pictures… she’s working her way to “artist” from “scribble as fast as I can over the whole sheet of paper”!

We learned a little about cows which was really fun for us since there are so many farming communitites we drive by every day and she always sees cows… and we just went to the county fair last week and saw a bunch of cows up close and personal! These were our library books and my favorite was “The Portrait of a Farm Family” by Raymond Bial. This was a biographical picture book from a real life dairy farm. This was so neat for her to see pictures of kids her age doing work on a farm and playing on a farm… this is a lifestyle we know nothing about! The book was very informative and it was a Christian family which was neat as well!

We did this cute cow mask craft which she could not understand why Joshie did not want this plastered to his face : )

We worked on the # 1 which was actually confusing to her. I think she was used to counting multiples she didn’t quite understand why there was only 1. So we’re going to really focus on counting in the next couple of weeks as some key concepts are not quite there yet.

I think we’re done with the circle. She does pretty good with tracing the circle so we will move on to another shape next week.

This was fun. She understands the difference between big and small and can pick them up but one thing I am really enjoying about homeschooling is teaching her to LISTEN TO INSTRUCTIONS. She’s so used to free play and drawing/coloring whatever she wants so to be told to only use one color and to only draw one specific thing is a new area for her and I enjoy watching her develop in this area.

I thought she was a little more proficient in colors than she actually is. She’s good about pointing them out but it is so good for her to do color recognition of similar objects. So she can picture the object in her mind and think about what color it is and be able to verbalize it… this is a different skill than looking at the color of something and saying what it is. We also have never learned the color gray so this was good for her.

And we’re done with left to right! She’s progressed well and has stayed very nicely close to the line : ) At least she passes my aptitude test : )

I have decided after this week that as far as map recognition we are just going to underline and point to the names of the states that start with the letter for the week but we are not going to check out any more state books from the library. They are too advanced for her and we spend so much time reading and enjoying the books on the animals that we rarely have time for the books. So this leaves one less thing I have to worry about (returning these books to the library)! Since we’re spread over 3 different libraries in the valley I get a little confused about what goes where and when!


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