ABC Theme Weekly Paper Organization

After finally making the long 45 mile trek to the nearest Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree to satisfy my Pinterest project cravings : ) I found the perfect storage set for all of my paperwork for our Preschool ABC themed year. This nifty little file folder thingy… for only 8 bucks!

It had the perfect number of slots (except Y and Z sharing a slot) to label each one with the alphabet letter for the week and there is a pocket in the very front where I am storing extra copies that we did not use each week. This is great because I can plan in advance and put the print outs for the letters for future weeks and then when we complete a week I just add all of our papers to the letter for that week. I plan to just keep this around for our future reference if need be and when Joshie is of age to join the ABC learning.

This also makes it really easy for me to transfer each week over to the Home Education section of my Home Management Binder which I am going to keep using as I take this binder everywhere with me so on laundry day at the in-laws we can squeeze in some learning time since I have all my papers for each day that week neatly organized. Here is a recap:

I look at my schedule for the week to see which focus is for which day (i.e. Monday is #’s and cutting, Tuesday is shapes and writing, etc.) I have lots of copies filed in page protectors with a label specifying which focus it is in the binder so I just grab a couple sheets and move them over to the…

… pocket divider that is labelled for each day of the week. I do this on the weekend so when Monday rolls around I just grab all the papers under Monday and we start at the top and work our way through. This saves my brain and time from doing any preparation each day.

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE my Home Management Binder!


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