D is for Dolphin

ABC Theme Week 4: D is for Dolphin

Sorry for the gap in posting this post for the letter D. We had another unconventional week filled with travelling to Colorado Springs in the middle of the week for my mom’s visit to our new area of living! We squeezed in this week when we could and missed out on a few items (shapes and colors). I am still catching up from our busy week that we took off from our school week and became tour guides for the Springs area : ) So much fun! So I thought I’d better wrap up from then before we move on after the weekend to the letter E.

Circle Time: We continued learning the character trait of faith. We actually got to put this concept a little into practice as Amelia had to put her “faith” (which could borderline trust) in me when we were at urgent care for a rash and the doctor wanted to look at her and I told her to trust and have faith in what I was telling her… that it would not hurt. She took some deep breaths… believed what I said… let the doctor look at her… and was pleased to find out her faith was proven true. We read about Abraham and his “faith” in God when God asked him to sacrifice his only son Isaac yet Abraham had faith that God would make right out of this seemingly wrong situation. This was neat to pair up the character trait with our story for the week.  And the verse for the letter D this week:

“Do all things without complaining and disputing.”

Philippians 2:14

There are certainly many opportunities to put this verse into practice when a temper tantrum arises (and I’m not just talking about for me haha!).

 We did letter recognition of uppercase vs. lowercase


We practiced some tracing of the letter D

I thought she did pretty good with the D

We worked on drawing lines from top to bottom. She did really good at this and picked up on it a lot quicker than left to right.

These were the Dolphin books I found at the library

And we did this craft we found here

We worked on the square shape

And we worked on the #2. I don’t know if she was having an off week but it seemed like she was having some trouble counting starting from #1 and also pointing out the pictures with 2 of an item. So I thought we needed to do a little more focus on basic counting so we brought out the…

… counting blocks… you guessed it… from the Dollar Tree! Blue, Green, Red and Orange. Good for color recognition too. So we put one block on the high chair table (I have no clue but her mood said she wanted to be in Joshie’s high chair for learning time this day… she’s a looney toon alright!) of each color and I asked her how many blue blocks there were (1) and how many green blocks, etc. Then we added 2 of each color and then 3 of each color and so on. We stopped and counted starting with #1 all the blocks on the table after each pairing and I could tell it really helped her so we will be implementing this to our numbers learning every week.


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