E is for Elephant

ABC Theme Week 5: E is for Elephant

Circle Time: We started learning about the character trait of creative. This is a really neat one to think about and I am really glad the authors included this in the book. Most children are naturally creative so it is neat to show Amelia when she plays with her colored pencils and delicately pokes my arm saying she’s a doctor and is taking care of my bumps that she is being creative. And that this character trait is what she shares with God who created the whole world and is an incredibly creative God. In our storybook bible we learned about Jacob, Rachel and Leah and how the girls dad tricked Jacob into marrying both daughters and how Leah learned her true beauty came from knowing the Lord thought she was beautiful. We learned about Joseph and his brothers who sent him away to Egypt and how God did miraculous things through Joseph in Egypt. And we read about Moses asking Pharoah to let God’s people go free and the different plagues because of Pharoah’s disobedience. The verse for the letter E this week:

“Even a child is known by his deeds.”

Proverbs 20:11

We worked on letter recognition and uppercase vs lowercase


I really like these activities. The page on the left helps her recognize pictures that start with the letter E. I end up writing the word down for her below the picture for extra visualization at this point but it is good for her to try to imagine it in her mind without seeing the letter E. The picture on the right is uppercase vs lowercase recognition which I am finding with her she has to recognize it for each letter set. For some reason she is not picking up that the big letter is uppercase and the smaller letter is lowercase. She has to learn for each letter set which one is which.

We worked on the #2. She did great with the page on the left where the instructions were to circle only 2 of each matching item. She picked it up right away!

We worked on triangles. She did pretty good tracing these.

For our writing practice she worked on slanted lines. She did great with these.

We worked on big vs small. I love these sheets that give specific instructions (i.e. underline the small shape, circle the big shape) this is so good for her to learn how to listen and follow instructions. I also liked the other sheets where she had a blank canvas to draw the shape by herself. Everything at this point resembles a circle as it is hard for her to make those sharp corners for squares and rectangles when she’s not tracing something. But she grasped the concept of a bigger shape or a smaller shape well.

And we’re back at colors. She did the color blue with some picture recognition of items that are the color blue.

We learned about elephants and here are the books I found at the library. We made a cute construction paper Elephant but unfortunately little girl threw it away! She had broken off an eyeball and I told her to throw the eyeball away well that ended up being the whole thing and I did not know till after the garbage was in the dumpster! Here is a link to the craft we did anyways: Elephant Craft


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