F is for Frog


ABC Theme Week 6: F is for Frog

Circle Time: We continued learning about the character trait of creative. In our storybook bible we read a lot of different stories this week which was fun. We read about God parting the Red Sea for his people to cross over onto dry land into their promised land. We learned about the formation of the Ten Commandments. We also read about Joshua and the battle of Jericho where they marched around the city walls and on the last day they blew their trumpets and God crumbled the wall down (this is one of my favorite bible stories). And we read about God calling David to be King. It was fun reading so many stories this week! And the verse for the letter F this week:

“For God so loved the world

He gave His only Son,

that whoever believes in Him

should not perish

but have eternal life.”

John 3:16

This is definitely our longest verse yet. We will be continuing to work on this for the next few weeks since it’s so long and such an important verse.

We worked on letter recognition and uppercase vs lowercase

She did really good tracing the uppercase F and even tried her hand at free drawing it for the first time. She did pretty good with the lowercase f but kept drawing a t she had a hard time with the top curve of the lowercase f.

We worked on curved lines. We will stay here for awhile as this is definitely a new skill that has posed some challenges with her letters b, c, d, e and f… every letter so far! She can draw a circle easy but it seems once she gets started with the rounded drawing she can’t just stop, she has to complete the circle.


We worked on the #3. She’s really picking up on her counting and number recognition. She’s been watching the LeapFrog Number Land DVD which she just loves these (I really recommend these if you’re looking for some good DVD’s … the Letter Factory is a great one to start with and helped Amelia sing and memorize the alphabet before she turned 2! She loved watching it and it’s helped her with our learning time now as far as some recognition and sounds).


We worked on the color green which happened to match up with our Frog theme this week.




We worked on triangles again.

We worked on bigger vs smaller.

I finally made a trip to the big library and found loads of books for the next couple of weeks. I had some time to browse beyond the Dewey Decimal System for Animals and found some cute fictional stories about Frogs. I definitely want to go more of this route as she enjoyed reading this much more than the real life non-fiction science books.


And we did a cute toilet paper roll craft I found here.

And Amelia wanted to give a hand at writing in the day for our calendar (if you notice the 11 behind her… that was her artwork!)


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