Online Bible Study Anyone?

I have really been missing bible study in my life in the last 4 years. Really since we graduated from college and moved to a new state and were no longer involved with Campus Crusade for Christ. One thing I loved about Crusade in college was the multiple bible studies offered and the incredible fellowship available. Mentorship and bible study is so important to our Christian growth and without it… well, we tend to dwindle a bit as I have experienced in the last 4 years.

Once kiddos enter the picture… well it can become even more tricky to include bible study and mentorship into your life. And now that we live in the middle of nowhere : ) it’s even more tricky! So I’ve just settled for nothing. I have not been able to really be content with this and have always had this strong desire to find some way to do a bible study with other women. So…. I am going to start an online bible study! The internet has really become a great way to stay connected and to grow in information so what better way to continue in bible study and fellowship when direct person to person contact seems near impossible to do on a regular basis?

I only have three requirements for this bible study and the first requirement is for you to be a woman (it does not matter if you’re a college student or a young mother or a woman with some years of wisdom or if you’re a new believer or old believer or a seeker). The second requirement is that you would be committed to this study. It is extremely important for you to pray about this committment and decision and know from the Lord that this is the direction He is asking you to take. The committment will require some sort of daily reading and one day each week for you to spend 30 minutes or so getting onto our bible study webpage to write out your thoughts from the reading and any questions you may have and to read the others responses. You will only get out of the study what you put into it and it is not fair for the study if only one or two people are completing the reading and everyone else is skipping it. The third requirement is confidentiality. This is standard across the board for any bible study and I want this to be a requirement for ours. Anything shared on the webpage will stay on the webpage. If there is something you are wanting to share with other people for the sake of prayer request, please ask that person directly if it is okay for you to share it on their behalf.

I have not yet prayed about what type of study to do and it may depend on the interest to this study that comes. I also am not sure when to start with the holiday season approaching and again it will probably depend on the interest.

So… are you interested?

Please let me know if this sounds like something you would like to pray about committing to and if you have any questions. I am very excited to see what the Lord is going to do with this!


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