G is for Giraffe

ABC Theme Week 7: G is for Giraffe

I am so embarassed at the amount of time that has passed since the last posting for our ABC Theme which is true to being about the amount of time that has passed since we’ve sat down and done some official learning time… 1 month! This is a far longer break than I anticipated and all I can say is that I’m thankful my daughter is only 3 and this is a very unofficial preschool we are running here : ) We had multiple schedule stoppers in the last month including 2 emergencies requiring unplanned travel and the need to use other days to catch up on the regular stuff (laundry, etc.) as well as a trip to Georgia to visit my best friend! So we did not sit on the couch for a month which I have to remind myself to tell myself IT IS OK! And… we only have 2 more weeks here before we begin our crazy on again off again travelling between Colorado and Arizona every 2 weeks (and a trip to Portland in between)… how we will manage only the Good Lord knows! I have to really be on my game to set some structure throughout the craziness so we can keep moving ahead with learning time. Thankfully I am entering my second trimester so I am feeling a lit bit more energetic!

Circle Time: I have decided to no longer do the Character training book. It seems as though the character concepts are a little advanced for her at this age and the story and picture (1 page of a story with a black and white picture) doesn’t seem to hold her attention. I am currently looking to my bookshelf for a different way of bringing in Christian character training through a different source. In our Storybook Bible we read about Amelia’s favorite story David and Goliath and we read about David writing some of his psalms. And the verse for the letter G this week:

“Go into the world

and preach the gospel

to every creature.”

Mark 16:15

We did good old letter recognition and uppercase vs. lowercase

I love doing these sheets so she can recognize objects that start with the letter G. It’s a very abstract concept for a 3 year old if you think about it requiring them to picture the object and the letter G and keep them matched up together in their mind.

We worked on the number 3.

A little shape review and the triangle.

I was very impressed at her work with curved lines. She’s been big into drawing circles which I think has helped this skill a lot.

These were our library books this week.

We unfortunately did not do any letter tracing, colors or critical thinking and we did not get to our craft this week! But the craft is so cute that I’m going to do 2 crafts this week (hopefully) so we can get this cute thing done!

We finally got this done! I am so glad we did as this is now our learning time marker and scissors holder. I completely improvised on this one and skipped all the paper macheing (not sure if that’s a word) and instead brought out my favorite hot glue gun and glued yellow construction paper onto the aluminum can and the cardboard cutouts of the giraffe bodies. We’ve been using it for about a month now and have had no problems with it detaching. Amelia loved coloring “spots” onto the giraffe.

This is our favorite craft yet!


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