H is for Hippopotamus

ABC Theme Week 8: H is for Hippopotamus

Circle Time: In our storybook bible we read about some of the prophecies given to Isaiah about our Savior and we read about Daniel in the Lion’s Den. The verse for the letter H this week:

“Honor your father and your mother.”

Exodus 20:12

We did some letter recognition and uppercase vs lowercase

This sheet you had to help the horse get to the hay following the path with the pictures starting with the letter h.

We did a little bit of letter review since we’re already at letter h. This was good for her to review and I think I’m going to do this fun game where you match uppercase and lowercase spoons to help with letter recognition.



We worked on short vs. tall which she understands pretty good.

This one was fun to see her try to free draw. She loves to draw circles so that’s naturally what came out next to the flag but with a little instruction she drew a “shorter” flag by herself!

We worked on the color orange… in time for Halloween!

And we did some learning time with Emma when we were in Georgia last week so we did 2 colors for this week as we did pink with Emma.

We worked on different directions for drawing circles. This was good for her since she’s so good at drawing circles and really enjoys it. This gave her a new and challenging aspect.

We worked on the number 4. I was totally impressed at how well she did tracing it and also drawing an uppercase F all by herself!

relationships they have with other animals. For example, the turtle helps the hippo by cleaning off algae when it sticks to the hippos skin and in return the hippo lets the turtle bask in the sun on the hippos back : ) It was cute to read about the different animal relationships.

And we did this hippo craft found here.


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