Pinterest Projects!

I just recently discovered the black hole that people call pinterest : ) If you know of it then you know why I call it the black hole… if you don’t know of it… it’s debatable on if you should join or not. The black hole will suck away hours of your time without you even blinking an eye : ) but it will leave you with incredible ideas and projects! Here is a compilation of my first round of pinterest projects. I have high hopes for some other projects when we live in a more long term place but these projects are for someone who has a very limited budget and has very limited space!

This is Amelia’s coloring binder for roadtrips. We take a lot of roadtrips and they are always with the kids so this one I mixed a few different pinterest ideas together and came up with this one for her. It was amazing and it worked great when we went to restaurants or doctor’s office visits because she could just carry the notebook in with her. I purchased 3 pencil holders from the dollar tree (1 for crayons, 1 for markers, 1 for colored pencils) and took various coloring books and scrap paper and hole punched them and put in the binder. Once she colored on all of them I swapped out for fresh papers. The only thing is I had to get a 3″ binder (from our thrift store for $1) so it is a pretty bulky item. Total cost: $4 plus coloring books and markers and crayons if you don’t already have any on hand which I did.

I have fallen in love with all the ideas for hanging shoe racks and was amazed to find the dollar tree carries these little shoe racks! I use 1 in the car to keep Amelia’s small games (a travel connect four game, a magnetic fishing game, her magnetic letters for her cookie sheet, a flash light when we drive at night, a coffee mate bottle of goldfish and one of cheerios). It comes in handy in the car especially when I’m driving by myself I have it linked over the headrest in the passenger seat so I can see and grab quickly while driving.

I wondered what else could I use this for. If we had different closets in our apt. I would use them to hang little toys and other craft supplies in Amelia’s room so I thought our bathroom is the only closet in the apt. with a suitable door so I put one on with sticky hooks and put my daily toilettries (face lotion, deodorant, mascara, toothpaste, floss, body spray, lotion, etc.). I love having these things so easy to grab (we also don’t have any drawers under our sink where I have kept these items before) and they don’t get lost among the bigger items in our closet. Total cost: $1

I found this big shoe rack organizer at our thrift store for just a couple bucks and wondered what I should do with this. Well, I have been trying to organize my medicine cabinet and nothing seemed to satisfy me. My bins were too small for our stuff but too big to divy up into grouped medicines plus the aloe bottles kept throwing the sizes off so I thought this just might be the perfect solution!

So here is our medicine “cabinet” behind our closet door. I have put the stuff I really don’t want the kiddos into near the top and things like band-aids, thermometers, emergency flashlights, cough drops towards the bottom but my kids have never tried to open this closet anyways and our apt. is so small I can see this from almost everywhere I am! This is perfect for us and my husband loves it because he hates searching for medicine late at night or when I’m gone and he can go right here and see everything we have. Total cost: $2

On my trip to our dollar tree I went a little bin crazy… most of these shown here I actually already had so there’s only 2 new bins here but I thought the organization may help someone else living in a small apt with limited closet space. This is Amelia’s closet/craft/toy/activity space. The bottom 3 bins are her clothes, the 3 bins on top are some of her crafts which I labelled with the all mighty and cheap label maker (address labels and a pen)! The smaller bins on top of the larger ones holds her puzzles and the very small 3 bins on top have crayons, colored pencils, and markers… this is great to just pull out and put paper in front of her and she can clean up after very easily. The hanging shelves are a miracle (this I purchased a couple years back and have reused it for many different things). It currently holds diapers/wipes and pj’s.

I added a couple bins to the top shelf to hold her paints, paintbrushes and painters smock (Adam’s old t-shirt)! And other various toys or items we don’t use often. Total cost: $2 (for the 2 new pink bins since all the other bins I already had).

This is an offshoot of a couple different book shelf organizing ideas on Pinterest. Some people use the spice racks from Ikea to display books on their wall. I don’t have any wall space and I needed an idea for the little books that always fall down (Berenstein Bears, Curious George, etc.) that don’t have any spines. I searched the dollar tree and didn’t find any cute bins but I found these 2 on clearance at Michaels! One of those… I wasn’t looking but it caught my eye and I saw the price and knew God put them there as a special blessing just for me : ) Total cost: $<4

I have accumulated a few random sets of flash cards mainly to use later for Amelia when she’s a bit older and I saw this idea on Pinterest for organizing them. I think hers looks a lot better but I did the best I could with what I found! And again I labelled them with address labels and a pen. Total cost: $9

I needed a little help in my “pantry”. We don’t actually have a pantry and I have to be very particular about what I keep because our space is so limited but I wanted to help out my baking section so I went to Wal-Mart and bought these little containers with the green lids.

This was a simple change for me but it really has helped me grab things easier and not have to try and stack bags of flour and sugar (which don’t actually stack so you see my dilemma!). I labelled them with my favorite address labels and a pen. Total cost: $4.50

I didn’t take pictures of these but I also got some bins from the dollar tree to hold chip bags and bread loafs and snacks in my cupboard again to stop trying to stack everything on top of each other. Then when I’m picking out chips for lunch I just grab that bin out and place it back in its spot.

I love being more organized!


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