I is for Iguana

ABC Theme Week 9: I is for Iguana

Circle Time: In our storybook bible we read about Daniel in the Lion’s Den and Jonah and the Whale. These are 2 very fun stories especially for the little kiddos and I love the pictures in this bible for these stories. I did pick out another book to add to our circle time since I am going to save the Child’s Book of Character Building until next year. My grandpa’s new wife (they are so cute! Both are widows and got married to each other a few years back… what a wonderful way for them to spend the remainder of their young lives together in unity!) gave us this beautiful book for the kiddos: My Friend Jesus by, Etta B Detering. The pictures in this book are phenomenal. They are so realistic and I found when Amelia was reading it that she was talking about the kids in the book like they were real people instead of being so cartoonized. There are a lot of books in this series but this particular one is perfect for this time of year… advent. It is all about the birth and life of Jesus. How neat that we were able to read through the birth of Jesus and begin setting our hearts there in prepartion for Christmas. And the verse for the letter I this week:

“I can do all things

through Christ who strengthens me.”

Philippians 4:13

This week and the week for the letter J were both tricky weeks for us as we did some more travelling trying to buy a bigger car (in preparation for our third baby!) and sell our other car. Not to mention my printer stopped printing AND I am all out of crafting supplies (paints, etc.) so we did not get too creative here with our limited time and limited resources. I debated on waiting but if I always wait until our life seems to be more settled down then we would never get anything accomplished so we just worked with what we could do.

We worked on letter tracing for uppercase and lowercase

Top to Bottom and Slanted lines practice

The color purple

Taller. Amelia has a very difficult time free hand drawing. She has some sort of fear about doing it and has become quite dependent on the tracing concept. This is probably normal for her age so to improvise these papers I just drew dotted lines and had her trace what they were asking.

Rectangles and a little shape review


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