J is for Jellyfish

ABC Theme Week 10: J is for Jellyfish

This week was a planning week for me. In anticipation of moving back to Phoenix for the next 6 months (well halfway moving and halfway keeping stuff here in Colorado) I decided if I did not sit down and make all my copies for the rest of the school year and plan out all of my crafts for each letter for the rest of the alphabet that it probably would not get done. I need it to be easy for me to open my notebook and grab the stuff we need that week because we will spend so much time travelling and settling in each time we go back and forth that I won’t make any extra time to plan and prepare. I actually wish I had done this when I first started the year just because it is simply good planning but my lesson has been learned. So… with a small amount of time and again no printer and no craft supplies we didn’t have official “learning time” it was more of Amelia working on her papers next to me as I made copies. We even had daddy sit down with her for one day since he has had some time off in between job transitions which was a lot of fun for both of them to do learning time together.

Circle Time: In our storybook bible we did read about God’s people returning from being slaves and anticipating the coming Messiah. And the verse for the letter J this week:

“Jesus said to him,

‘I am the way, the truth,

and the life…”

John 14:6

We did letter tracing for uppercase and lowercase

Amelia loves the activities where she can glue so this was fun to glue the “balls” that start with the letter J into the jugglers hands

We worked on the Number 5

This was a good sheet about long vs. short and also following directions. You first had to draw a line to match the objects, then underline the short ones and then circle the long ones… tricky instructions but fun for her. It’s hard to see what she’s done because when she draws lines to match the objects she won’t cross the lines, she draws all the way around the other lines so they don’t touch! It’s funny!


Curved lines

And circles

We really didn’t do anything relating to Jellyfish this week … oops! I didn’t have a craft ready for her and I couldn’t find any books on Jellyfish at the library and my time and creativitiy stopped there! Maybe in the next few weeks we’ll come up with something : )

During my planning time I realized she is a little bored with all the tracing pages. It’s time to move on to some more conceptual activities to keep learning her shapes, numbers, colors and letters. I browsed pinterest endlessly and found some neat ideas for more learning activities instead of sheets… so stay tuned!


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