Ch. 8: Practical Application of Doctrine: Worship

Attitudes of a Transformed Heart

by, Martha Peace

Ch. 8: Practical Application of Doctrine: Worship

  • true worship is bowing in humility and awe before the only true God (the God of the Bible), praising Him, sacrificing for Him, and serving Him as He desires and deserves p. 113
  • 6 Basic Principles Concerning True Worship: pgs. 115 – 121
  1. We are to worship the one true God only (Matthew 4:8-10; Psalm 95:6-7)
  2. True worshipers worship the Father in Spirit and in truth (John 4:23-24; John 14:6)
    • to worship “in spirit” means the human spirit… who we are on the inside. This understanding stands in vivid contrast to the external place of outward, ritual worship. Our worship will be sincere if we have a proper heart’s attitude of humility and reverence for God
    • to worship “in truth” simply means that the only valid way to worship God is through the Lord Jesus Christ
  3. Some religious people are worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ in vain (Matthew 15:7-9)
  4. We are to worship God and sing His praises for His awesome works (Psalm 66:1-5)
  5. We are to worship the Lord with reverence (Psalm 2:11)
  6. We have an obligation to worship God through living totally devoted to Him (Romans 12:1)
    • a sacrifice is when you give up something for someone or something else… you place that person or thing above yourself
    • it is what you do, however mundance every day. It is also what you think about what you are doing as well as your attitudes and motives
    • a living sacrifice is holy and pure. It includes a whole heart’s desire to serve and please God and to be used by Him for His purposes however He chooses

Application Questions:

  1. What do you think of when you think about worship? Has this changed after this chapter?
  2. How have you viewed the connection and importance of having a proper heart’s attitude before your worship is sincere?
  3. Describe in your own words what it means to be a “living sacrifice” for the Lord p. 123
  4. Are there any ways the Lord has challenged you to live your life more sacrificially in 2013?

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