K is for Kangaroo

 ABC Theme Week 11: K is for Kangaroo

We actually completed this week back in December when we first got out here to Phoenix but I didn’t have time to post and left my pictures here while we travelled for Christmas. So here is a short week that we had of learning the letter K.

Circle Time: In our storybook bible it was fun because it was the Nativity story which we read the first week of December so that was great timing to jump into Christmas talk! In My Friend Jesus we read more about the Nativity story as the beginning chapters of this book are all about the preparation and birth of Jesus. The verse for the letter K this week:

“Keep your tongue from evil.”

Psalm 34:13

We did our letter recognition and uppercase vs. lowercase


Some cute activities of matching uppercase and lowercase and symbols that start with the letter K


We worked on the color brown. She actually drew a mouse all by herself! I’m not so sure she meant to draw a mouse initially or if it just came to be but either way she recognized it when she was done and enthusiastically said look what I drew!


We worked on diamonds


The number 6


And here was our little craft for the week. She had fun glueing the pieces together.


And again I failed to take pictures of the Kangaroo books we checked out but I do remember we checked out one of the Blue Kangaroo books by, Emma Chichester Clark and it was super cute and Amelia loved it!


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