Favorite Diaper Bag for Cloth Diapers & 3 Kiddos

I have been looking around online for recommendations and ideas for diaper bags in anticipation of baby #3 coming in a few months. Here were some of my requirements:

  • backpack preferred – it is much more comfortable and I don’t feel bad asking Adam to carry it around and it comes in handy when paired with an umbrella stroller because you hardly know you’re carrying it as opposed to the shoulder bags that are always falling off in my experience and they’re great carry-ons for airplane trips
  • compartments – I HATE fishing around a big empty hole for something so compartments to me is an absolute must and BIG compartments is what I particularly was looking for this time
  • cup holders – I find these so convenient I almost just went for the backpack I used at nursing school because it had so many compartments and cup holders and just seemed wonderful for a diaper bag but it is currently my husband’s work bag so it would be hard to take it from him : ) I hate digging around for waterbottles in my bag so it’s nice to just have them right there on the sides

Those were my only 3 requirements and this is what I found:

The Baby Sherpa! It actually looks similar to my college backpack but has a few amazing new excitements designed specifically for diaper bag usages. You can sort of see the 2 cup holders that are actually detachable. The one on the right is thermal for a bottle if needed and on the left is mesh. Above the cup holders are smaller compartments where I put my video camera and then Amelia’s rubberbands and comb. Then it has that stretchy band so when you’re really stretched you can slip in jackets or a blanket or something there and it’ll hold it in place. You can also slide things in where the mesh part is at the front of the backpack. I didn’t take a picture of the back of it but there’s a slit where you can slide in your changing pad which is nice since you don’t have to open the backpack to access it.


There are essentially 2 large compartments and then compartments within the compartments (finally speaking my language!). There is this top compartment that opens from a zip flap at the top. This is so convenient! I throw it in my double stroller basket (need a recommendation for a double stroller? I am in love with my Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller… I think there’ll be a future blog post for that one too!) so when I need my diapers or wipes I can just unzip and pull them out instead of lugging the whole thing out of the stroller and digging around.


This is what that top compartment looks like. There is a zipper compartment where I stash my other lifesaving product the Timeless Wristlet from ThirtyOne : ) so my money/credit card is protected in the zipper. Then there’s a compartment in front of that where I put my emergency/medicine kit and my wipes and a few disposables just in case. Then there’s a larger compartment in front of that where I put my little personal bag of chapstick, lotion, gum, etc. and this is where I throw my wet/dry bag for my cloth diapers… it doesn’t look that big from the picture but I stash 3 prefolds and 2 covers in my wet bag (maybe more if it’s a long day or overnighter) and it fits nicely. I think I won’t have a problem with adding more cloth diapers when the new baby comes as there is still lots of room in these compartments. Then you see the mesh compartment where I put our “eating out” necessities of bibs, table covers and my kid size plastic fork/spoon set from the dollar tree that comes in a hard plastic container.


Here’s my wet/dry bag in place.


And the second compartment is this nifty little thermal compartment! I use this for our lunch when we go to the zoo and this is so nice. Instead of carrying a million different bags I have it all in one! It held about 3 medium sized plastic containers and 2 small plastic containers plus 2 ice packs! It was great! The other nice thing is if I’m going somewhere different and need an extra change of clothes for the kiddos or I anticipate when the new baby comes this compartment may be dedicated just for them to put a receiving blanket, burp cloths, nursing wrap, change of clothes, etc. here and then I’ll just carry my lunch box separate… just because it’s thermal does not mean it needs to be used for a cooler! There’s also a little roof mesh pocket where I have sunscreen and Amelia’s sunglasses so they’re protected in there. The only thing I’m really bad about is bringing toys around with me but you can attach them with clips to the outside or add them to any of the various wonderful compartments : ) And when we’re just out for the day and need snacks I put them in the thermal compartment so they’re separated from the rest of the stuff.


Now while I absolutely love this backpack I am still a little self-conscious that it looks like I’m going on a hike everytime I leave the house with the kiddos. It doesn’t look that big when you’re wearing it but sometimes when I’m just headed to the dr. or something quick I don’t want to take this big thing with me so I pulled out my old bag I used to take to my nursing job. This beautiful Vera Bradley bag! I love this bag too! It definitely isn’t quite fit for a long day trip but I’m combining it to use alongside the backpack for shorter trips.


It’s one big compartment so all I do is I keep wipes in there at all times so I just throw in my wet/dry bag and my emergency/medicine kit from the Baby Sherpa and I’m good to go! Not much transition at all. There are 3 open pockets against the inside of this bag so I usually throw in my snack bags and my Timeless Wristlet and I’m set with plenty of room for whatever else we collect on that short trip (toys, etc.). It also has the required 2 cupholders : ) which makes me happy too. And it sits nicely in the front seat next to me for a quick car clean up before we unload.


I am so thoroughly happy with both of these bags and highly recommend the Baby Sherpa if you are okay foregoing the pretty looking diaper bags and going for an extremely functional and amazing bag! The Baby Sherpa runs between $60-$80 and we got ours off Amazon with free shipping.


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