M is for Monkey

ABC Theme Week 13: M is for Monkey

Circle Time: In our storybook bible we read about Jesus picking the 12 disciples and Jesus bringing back to life the little girl who was sick and died. We also read about the Lord’s prayer. In My Friend Jesus we read about the traders defiling the temple by turning it into a marketplace and some stories about healing that Jesus did to many different children. The verse for the letter M this week:

“My little children,

let us not love in word or in tongue,

but in deed and in truth.”

1 John 3:18

I have decided to make a little card and write the verse for the week on it really big and leave it on the center of our dinner table that way we look at it multiple times throughout the day to work on our memorization of the verse.

We did some letter recognition and uppercase vs lowercase

005 (14)

Here is some tracing exercises and recognizing pictures that start with the letter m

003 (13)

More picture recognition and uppercase vs lowercase

004 (12)

Letter tracing

006 (13)

Diamon shape. We also worked on this Melissa & Doug pattern and shape puzzle that we got for Christmas! She had a lot of fun with this as we learned about some new shapes and she got to form a picture from the different shapes.

002 (12)

We worked on opposites again which was fun to see the turtle at the zoo this week so she could see in real life the different fast and slow animals

001 (14)

The #7

007 (13)

We worked on drawing shorter things

008 (12)

And sound the trumpets! I took a picture of our library books before we returned them! We’re getting a pretty good system out here of going to the library every Friday which is our “reading focus” day. They have a music program for kids where they get to dance and play kid instruments for 30 mins. so we go to that and check out our books for the next week… then we’re all prepared and ready on Monday morning!

001 (13)

And we did this cute monkey doorknob hanger craft! She hasn’t been wanting to color in pictures but only trace them so we have a white monkey :  )

002 (11)And for our bible craft this week we did an activity of learning about the Fruit of the Spirit. I had plenty of fruit from my Bountiful Basket pick-up woo hoo! So we assigned a spirit to each fruit and talked about the different ones. She had such an interest in this that I started looking online for some further study on the Fruit of the Spirit appropriate for Preschool age and boy did I score! I found this website and we are starting some dinner time devotionals of studying each fruit. We are doing the fun fruit of the spirit behavior chart where she gets a sticker when she does something that displays a fruit of the spirit. This is so good to help her really recognize how the fruit of the spirit plays out in real life and we can pray for God to help us display certain fruits we may be struggling with. I really want her to start seeing that praying to God is something we can do anytime, any day and about anything. I am so excited to see where this Fruit of the Spirit learning leads!


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