N is for Newt

ABC Theme Week 14: N is for Newt

Circle Time: In our storybook bible we read a lot this week. We made some room on our dinner table for our family bibles which has been fun because Amelia has been asking to read it a lot more when it’s out in front of us. We read about the sermon on the mount; the storm on the lake that Jesus slept through; the feeding of the 5,000; the parable of the hidden treasure and Jesus with the little children. The verse for the letter N this week:

“No one can serve two masters.”

Matthew 6:24

We worked on letter recognition and uppercase vs. lowercase

We also spent some time in our picture dictionary looking up all the words that start with the letter N

009 (12)

Some letter tracing

008 (13)

The cut and past activity is always a favorite of hers… anything involving scissors and glue!

001 (15)

We did a shape review sheet which she excelled at!

002 (13)

We worked on the opposites hard vs. soft

003 (14)

We worked on the #7

004 (13)

And we are starting some early reading skills so we did some beginning sounds sheets. This is similar to the sheets we do with each individual letter but this is great practice for her to think and pull out of her memory what letter the picture starts with, especially with more than one letter to choose from at the bottom.

005 (15)

We did longest vs shortest

006 (14)

And a color review sheet of picking two pictures in the line that have the same color

007 (14)

 I could not find any library books on newts (and my effort wasn’t very strong either!) and newt crafts are hard to find as well. So… I just printed off this picture of a newt and had her paint it… she loves painting so it was a successfull craft!

010 (12)


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