Book Review: Birth After Cesarean – The Medical Facts

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I ordered this book after reading Natural Childbirth After Cesarean just to read another book about the topic. We just entered our third trimester with baby #3 (Our first birth was a vaginal one and our second was c-section because of my son being breech). I thought this book was really great. He has it broken down by questions so it can be used almost like a reference book. The only thing that I didn’t think about prior to ordering the book was the fact that this book was published in 1990 and all of his statistics and research are from studies done in the 80’s and even earlier. Back then they barely even had ultrasounds going on a regular basis and a lot has changed in the healthcare field and especially in the surgical arena in the past 20-30 years. This was my only disappointment and I had hoped he had already written an updated version of the book with newer statistics but he did not.

Either way the bottom line is still there. VBAC is a much safer option than a repeat c-section. Statistics whether from the 80’s, 90’s or today (and even statistics from the 50’s and 60’s he had included in this book) will continue to validate this. I am currently in the process of doing some research with more current statistics and plan to write a blog post about why I am such a strong advocate for VBAC as opposed to a repeat c-section and will add a link to this book review once that post is up.

In the meantime I would still recommend this book as it is fascinating to see how back in the day when surgery wasn’t considered as commonplace and safe as it is today and the fear of a VBAC was a lot greater than it is today yet time after time after time VBAC was proven safer. Think about how risky it was for the people back then to even consider a VBAC with all the stigma around it. I would’ve felt much like a guinea pig personally. Now we’ve got 30 years of statistics showing us the safety of a VBAC and the reality that a repeat major abdominal surgery actually puts the mother at greater risks than a VBAC and should not be the normal chosen route when considering further deliveries.

I also enjoyed the sections on the history of cesarean section as I really did not realize any part of that. If you’re interested you should read the book!


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