O is for Octopus

ABC Theme Week 15: O is for Octopus

Circle Time: In our storybook bible we read about Zacchaeus and how he didn’t have any friends but Jesus wanted to go to his house. This was a fun story because we have a song about Zacchaeus on one of our kids bible song cd’s and Amelia loves the song so it was fun to read the actual story. We also read about the lost son. I was digging through some of our boxes in my dad’s garage for storage and forgot he had given me the 10 volume set called The Bible Story by, Arthur Maxwell. He had received this as a child and at one point I had looked through it because my name was written in my handwriting at the front of the first book. This is a very interesting find and discovery as my dad is not a believer and I did not become a believer until the end of high school. In fact I had very little exposure to the gospel growing up yet at some point this ran across my path although I have no recollection of it. I am thankful now that we can introduce this into our learning time with Amelia as it is a beautifully illustrated series of books that go through Genesis to Revelation. The verse for the letter this week:

“Oh, give thanks to the Lord

for he is good!”

Psalm 118:1

We did some letter recognition and uppercase vs lowercase as well as recognizing pictures that begin with the letter O

001 (16)

I started printing off these word search sheets and am going to start by having her just find the letter of the week and circle it. She really enjoyed that (it’s sort of like Where’s Waldo which she loves!) so I think next week we’ll go forward and find the whole word together.

008 (14)

Some letter tracing

009 (13)

 More tracing

011 (11)

 We did some shape review

010 (13)

And we did some more color review

007 (15)

We continued working on opposites learning about in vs. out

006 (15)

# 7

002 (14)

We did a fun bible craft from this book where we read about Moses and the burning bush and then she cut out these pictures and glued them on… I was so proud of her ability to line up the cut out pieces to the corresponding boxes

003 (15)

And we did this cute octopus craft!

005 (16)

We got some cute books from the library. The book Even an Octopus Needs a Home is a great one to learn about habitats for all animals 004 (14)


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