P is for Penguin

ABC Theme Week 16: P is for Penguin

Circle Time: In our storybook bible we read about the woman who washed Jesus feet with her perfume and tears. We also read about the last supper, the garden of gethsemane, the crucifixion and the resurrection. Side note: I can’t wait for Easter next month to begin really teaching her the meaning of the celebration! We read from The Bible Story about God creating the world and the different things He created on the different days. And the verse for the letter P this week:

“Praise the Lord!

For it is good to sing praises to our God.”

Psalm 147:1

We did letter recognition and uppercase vs lowercase

006 (16)

Some letter tracing

014 (7)

Word pictures to see what pictures start with the letter P

005 (17)

These are fun sheets. Cutting and gluing the letter P to the hats and instead of a word search which is a little tricky I just have her search for the letter P’s

010 (14)

We did a couple review sheets for the numbers 1-5

007 (16)

This is some of the conceptual learning sheets where she circles which picture follows next in the story

011 (12)

Here she picks which picture matches the picture to the left as far as concepts

012 (10)

We’re moving beyond basic shape and color recognition as she’s pretty well mastered and bored of that so we’re working on patterns. It’s a tricky concept. She’s had better success when she has shapes to hold in front of her and makes a pattern from those. The paper is challenging because she has to come up with the shape on her own but it’s good practice for her.

013 (7)

We worked some more on opposites

008 (15)

And a review of size sheet

009 (14)

 Here are the books we checked out at the library this week

003 (16)

And the penguin egg carton craft we found here

015 (8)

And a huge improvement on her coloring abilities to stay inside the lines! She did some coloring with some older kiddos at church and it inspired her to move beyond scribbling all over the page and/or just tracing the shape! Even in the past week since she colored this paper and I’m posting she has improved even more! It’s great b/c she’s really enjoying the creativity of coloring : )

004 (15)

Since her new kick on coloring I have taken advantage of having her spend a long time coloring while we have some read aloud time. We read the library books and also some chapters from A Treasury of Children’s Literature book my dad gave us a few years back. I’m also working my way through the 1,000 Good Books List from the Classical Christian Education Support Loop.


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