Q is for Quail

ABC Theme Week 17: Q is for Quail

Circle Time: We actually finished our Storybook Bible this week! We finished with the stories of Pentecost, Paul’s conversion and John’s vision from the future for the book of Revelation. Overall I enjoyed reading through this Bible with Amelia and I plan to do a full book review as I felt like there were a lot of extra words and a very unique language for telling the stories that Amelia actually had a hard time following along with the stories. I am currently looking for a different children’s bible to read (we have 3 in storage that I won’t be able to look at for 2 more months to see if we already have a good one that suits what I’m looking for) and I found a great one we’re testing this week at the library that so far I really enjoy: The Children’s Illustrated Bible. This would be a bible that would last our family for a long time and so far Amelia has enjoyed the first couple of stories and I have found the pictures are easy to follow along with the story as it is occurring. The verse for the letter Q this week:

“Quench not the Spirit”

1 Thessalonians 5:19

We worked on our uppercase vs lowercase recognition and word pictures that start with the letter. We also looked at the Children’s Dictionary at other words that start with Q.

004 (16)

Worked on some tracing.

003 (17)

Some more tracing and uppercase vs lowercase.

007 (17)

She had to glue the pictures onto the Queen’s crown that started with a “Q”. Here she circled all the “Q’s” in the word search.

009 (15)

We worked on counting to the #8.

002 (15)

More counting.

001 (17)

We’re still working on some pattern recognition and free-hand drawing. I find just drawing some distinct points has helped her free hand draw a little better and not be so dependent on the dot to dot.

005 (18)

We worked on the concepts of “first, next and last” sequencing and go-togethers. She had a hard time with the first, next and last picture because the girl is putting together a peanut butter sandwich and Amelia kept wondering where the jelly was : ) How can you start eating the sandwich before you put the jelly on!

008 (16)

We worked again on some opposites.

006 (17)

We made a quail paper plate craft from here.

010 (15)

And we put together this cute mini-book from the DLTK website for The Lord’s Prayer. Amelia always says she doesn’t know how to pray so she won’t pray at dinnertime or bedtime and I thought having her start to memorize some basic prayers may help her start somewhere. She enjoyed coloring the book and we’re working on memorizing one page at a time with this week being just “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name”…

013 (8)

We had some great read aloud time this week and Amelia wanted me to point out whenever I would find a Q letter during our reading. What a great idea! I never thought to do this before : ) So now we will be pointing out times we see the letter of the week during our read aloud time! What a smart 3 year old : )


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