Book Review: Attitudes of a Transformed Heart

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This was the first book we completed for our online bible study. So this review will not be as in depth as normal with quotations and such not from the book as you can find that under any of the chapter reviews under the online bible study link from the faith tab. Overall I do recommend this book. The other book by Martha Peace I read and fell in love with was The Excellent Wife and so I had high expectations from her with this book. There were a few areas that caused some need for discernment in my heart and seeking the Lord and His Word as to what He was really saying and found myself in disagreeance with her (see Can We Be Led By Our Feelings? and Identity in Christ and Our Self-Worth ) but this is not an area to be divisive of and not recommend her book on. Martha comes from a writing perspective where she has a great heart to see men and women follow hard after the Lord but often the tone with which she approaches certain aspects can come across as very blunt and harsh without a lot of grace. Black and white with a period at the end. As long as you can remain looking beyond this and see her true heart behind her words then you will get through this book no problem. I think overall the messages and the convictions that sprouted from this book made it a worthwhile read and I would indeed recommend it.


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