R is for Rabbit

ABC Theme Week 19: R is for Rabbit

Circle Time: I did go ahead and get ourselves a copy of The Children’s Illustrated Bible for our newest bible read aloud book. I am so pleased by it. I find it is a little advanced for Amelia but I like that. All I do is read the story as is and then re-narrate it in words that would help her understand better but I do find that as she’s looking at the pictures which are very realistic and listening to me read that she’s asking a TON of questions and really trying to understand the story. This was different from The Storybook Bible where I felt like she couldn’t follow along with the language and was always looking around at other things. I think she likes the realistic pictures. There are a lot more stories in this bible too which I am thankful for so we can increase her knowledge of the Bible and on the sides of the bible stories are some real pictures of artifacts and buildings and what nots from that time and place. Very cool! So far we have read about creation, the garden of eden, cain and abel, noah’s ark, the flood, the tower of babel and abram, sarai and hagar. The verse for the letter R this week:

“Remember the Sabbath day,

to keep it holy.”

Matthew 20:8

We did our uppercase vs lowercase and letter recognition

004 (17)

Some words that start with the letter R that she cut and glued on as well as uppercase vs lowercase

016 (7)

Letter tracing and matching the letter R to pictures that start with R

011 (13)

I really enjoy doing these word searches with her (so far all we do is have her find all the letter R’s) it has sparked her a desire to search for the letter of the week in everything we read which is neat! I think we will soon start doing the actual word search instead of just the letter.

015 (9)

Some more tracing

005 (19)

Some go-together matching pictures and continuing learning first, next and last picture sorting

013 (9)

Some beginning sounds sheets to match the picture with the letter it starts with

014 (8)

Working on patterns…

007 (18)

 … we got out our Melissa & Doug shape puzzles to make some patterns. She was having a hard time visualizing what comes next out of nowhere and this activity really helped her when she had some options to choose from. She enjoyed making a long line of patterns

001 (18)

And look who has joined the table during learning time!!! I am struggling to keep him SAFELY entertained sitting in a big person chair and not throwing toys all over the place. He’s still a little too small to really do anything that we do so for now it’s just playing with toys on the table which works for a short time. There’s a lot more fidgeting going on but I guess that’s what happens when you keep adding kiddos to the learning table! I will be thankful when my belly is gone (and another baby added!) and we get back in our own home (hopefully soon!) and can go back to our kid sized table so I don’t have to monitor this little guy quite so much! But he loves being at the table with us and he’s so cute watching Amelia do her paperwork!

002 (16)

We worked on the opposites of happy and sad

006 (18)

We worked on the #8

012 (11)

And we made this fun rabbit windsock craft we found here!

012 (12)


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