Keeping Jesus in Easter – New Traditions


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This year for Easter as Amelia is now old enough to begin understanding traditions and the meanings behind them, I have wanted to start some new Easter traditions to keep the focus and understanding on Jesus and His Resurrection… after all that is why we celebrate Easter. I want her to really remember Easter for that. I have decided to take the whole week and focus a portion of each day beginning tomorrow on the Easter story and all that happened starting on Palm Sunday and leading to Easter Sunday. I used the bulk of my ideas (mainly being the different readings, activities and easter basket ideas) from the blog Our Family for His Glory and their quest to keep Jesus in Easter. So here are my plans for the week and I will post after the week with pictures and how it went!

I also need to preface with one of the main activities is an Easter basket link. Each day you add something to the Easter basket to symbolize what you learned that day about the Easter story. That will be the last bullet for each day.

Palm Sunday:

  • read Mark 11:1-11 and Matthew 21:1-11
  • read from children’s bible about Jesus riding on a donkey entering Jerusalem
  • make palm branches by cutting out hands on green paper and tape to a stick
  • teach the meaning of Hosanna (Hooray for Salvation!)
  • add grass to easter basket


  • read Mark 14:1-10 and John 12:1-11
  • read from children’s bible about the woman who poured expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet
  • color and assemble “Easter Story Mini-book
  • add coins to gold/yellow egg to represent us surrendering all we have to God and add to basket


  • read John 13:1-17
  • read from children’s bible about Jesus washing the disciples’ feet
  • walk in dirt and wash each others’ feet
  • make rice krispie egg treats for a fun snack
  • add small piece of soap to blue egg to remind us to serve others and add to basket


  • read Matthew 26:17-30 and Mark 14:12-26
  • read from children’s bible about the last supper and communion
  • have communion together
  • color easter eggs to tell the Easter story
  • add bread crumb to purple egg to remind us of Jesus dying for us and add to basket


  • read Mark 14:32-42 and Luke 22:39-53
  • read from children’s bible about Jesus’ last night in the garden
  • make jelly bean jar prayer
  • add same jelly beans to eggs and add to basket


  • read Matthew 26:47-27:55
  • read from children’s bible about Jesus’ crucifixion
  • collect rocks and write different sins on them with a sharpie
  • add rocks to basket and note they are curshing all the good things


  • read Matthew 27:57-66 and Mark 15:33-47
  • read from children’s bible about Jesus being buried in the tomb
  • do paper plate empty tomb craft
  • make resurrection rolls
  • cover basket with red cloth – tonight after the kids go to bed move the rocks with the sins on them into a new basket with Jesus’ name on it, place some new goodies and items to help remind them of Jesus and to grow in the Lord and cover the basket with the red cloth again

Easter Sunday:

  • read Matthew 28:1-15 and Luke 24:1-12
  • read from children’s bible about the empty tomb and Jesus’ resurrection
  • have an easter egg hunt with names inside the eggs of people to pray for
  • have kids remove red cloth and be surprised by their “new things” representing their new life because of Jesus’s resurrection, point out the sin rocks that Jesus upon Himself

Here’s to new traditions and keeping Jesus in Easter!!


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