S is for Snake

ABC Theme Week 20: S is for Snake

Circle Time: We read in The Children’s Illustrated Bible about Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham’s Two Sons, The Sacrifice of Isaac, Isaac and Rebekah, Esau and Jacob, Jacob’s Ladder, Jacob and Rachel, Jacob’s Wedding, Jacob’s Return, Joseph’s Dreams, Joseph the Slave and Pharaoh’s Dreams. We can’t get enough of this bible! The verse for the letter S this week:

“Seek the Lord

while He may be found.”

Isaiah 55:6

We worked on letter recognition and uppercase vs lowercase. I have to point out that she cut out each of these pieces all by herself! I’ve been trying not to push the cutting skills as she gets really frustrated with it but she asked to do these ones today and look how good she did!!


We did some picture recognition and some uppercase vs lowercase pattern matching (we needed some extra work on that sheet!)


Some more cutting and gluing of pictures that start with the letter S

018 (4)

Word search and tracing

017 (2)

I found this cute idea here and printed it off for some more pattern and shape recognition


We worked on the opposites of up and down. This was fun since last week we travelled with Adam to San Diego and she flew a kite at the beach for the first time!


We worked on the #9



Go-together matching sheets


And this cute snake craft which she wanted to make purple and pink (notice her waterbottle next to it!).



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