Ch. 5: A Change of Kingdoms

The Pursuit of Holiness

by, Jerry Bridges

Ch. 5: A Change of Kingdoms

  • [in relation to our sin problems] “What should I look to God for and what am I responsible for myself?” p.50
  • God has indeed made provision for us to live a holy life, but He has also given us definite responsibilities p.51
    • The pursuit of holiness – this not allowing sin to reign in our mortal bodies – is something we have to do p.52
    • “Therefore, do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires.” Romans 6:12
    • The word therefore refers back to this fact that we died to sin. Because we died to sin, we are not to let it reign in our mortal bodies p.52
    • Our dying to sin is not something we do, but something Christ has done… [and] our dying to sin is a fact whether we realize it or not p.52-53
    • To experience this in our daily lives we are told to reckon ourselves dead to sin… [but] our daily experience with regard to sin is determined – not by our reckoning, but by our will – by whether we allow sin to reign in our bodies. But our will must be influenced by the fact that we died to sin p.53 (this is what the reckoning part does for us, it influences our will so we can then walk in the truth of our death to sin)
  • Though sin no longer reigns in us, it will constantly try to get at us. Though we have been delivered from the kingdom of sin and its rule, we have not been delivered from its attacks p.56
  • We are to keep before us this fact that we are no longer slaves. We can now stand up to sin and say no to it… When we sin as Christians, we do not sin as slaves, but as individuals with the freedom of choice. We sin because we choose to sin. p.57

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