Book Review: A Thirty-Day Walk with God in the Psalms

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I decided to join the women’s bible study because of the perfection of timing while we are out here and the short length of the study. This was the first book we are going through and it was amazing. It was so refreshing to be back in a face to face study with other women and the book really hit me in some hard spots in relation to my battle with this baby being breech and my heart longing for a different outcome than where we are headed.

This book is set up for a 30 day journey with 1 psalm and about 4 pages of questions to go through each day. It is definitely a commitment but as they say it takes 20 days on average to make a habit so if you’re able to complete this study faithfully on a daily basis then the hope is after the 30 days you will have a habit of meeting with the Lord daily and will desire to maintain that beyond this study.

Nancy picked out 30 of her favorite psalms and organized them by psalms of instruction, psalms of expectation, psalms of aspiration, psalms of contrition and psalms of celebration. I found the ones she picked out to be wonderful and I thought the questions she asked really helped me to dig in deeper into the psalm and what it meant for my life. She broke up the questions into 3 categories: What does this passage say? (observation); What does it mean? (interpretation) and How can I make it a part of my life? (Application).

She also includes many excerpts from Charles Spurgeon’s books The Treasury of David and from John MacArthur’s comments in his study bible. These excerpts really added to the psalms and brought a lot of deep thoughts to the reading. At the end she puts a hymn or song in relation to the psalm and a short prayer from the reading.

Overall this is a great book especially if someone is wanting to begin establishing a daily quiet time or learn how to read scripture in a more studious way but are not sure where to go and if you are already well established in these areas then this is a great addition to get you thinking deeply about some of these psalms. If you allow, God can change your circumstances through this book and His Word.

Happy pursuit of Him!


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