Easter Week Learning Activities

Here are some pictures from our Easter week where we started some new Easter traditions to keep Jesus in Easter. We had a great time! I missed a few very important pictures… of Amelia in her Easter dress and hat!!! But for the most part I got the gist of everything here : ) For a full description of all the readings we did and the different pieces to our easter baskets we added see my post here.

Palm Sunday:

Here are the palm branches the kiddos made with their handprints : ) And the beginning of their Easter baskets where we added something every day to it from our activities. We learned that palm leaves were a symbol of grace and victory. We also learned that royalty would ride on a donkey during periods of peace, rather than a horse.



Here’s the mini-book Amelia colored about the Life of Jesus



We made the rice krispie egg treats. I don’t know that we’ll do this one again : ) It was really hard to shape them into easter eggs as they were so sticky so the recommendation was to put cooking oil on your hands which then I felt like I was wasting a LOT of cooking oil and that’s also not the healthiest alternative to our healthy rice krispie treats : ) But it was fun to color the marshmallows and of course to eat the treats!



We colored this easter bunny picture and learned about the real meaning of the easter bunny:

  • Big Ears = Jesus is always listening
  • Big Eyes = Jesus is always watching us
  • Quiet Voice = Jesus always says good things to us
  • Big Heart = Jesus has a lot of love for us
  • Quick Feet = Jesus wants us to be quick to tell others how much He loves them


We did some learning time activities we printed from the easter printable pack from this blog here:

Some letter recognition and matching words to their pictures 012

A shape trail game 013

Counting and tracing the numbers 014

Making patterns 015

Counting and matching cards as well as shape matching cards 016


We colored easter eggs to tell the story of the resurrection. This is a great new tradition I’m going to keep as who doesn’t love to color easter eggs and telling the story is a great learning activity!


Joshie sort of was in on it : ) Next year he can help but this year I just had him watch his big sister!


And here are the eggs : )

  • Green = palm branches
  • Orange = money to Judas
  • Purple = wine and bread (communion)
  • Blue = our sins
  • Red = Christ’s blood
  • Brown = the cross
  • Yellow = resurrection and heaven



We took the jelly bean prayer and read it over and over again and I decided to just glue on the jelly beans that matched the poem and now we have it on our fridge : )

001 (2)


We took a walk and picked up some rocks and wrote different sins on them that we each struggle with (age appropriate). We talked about how they crush all the good things when we added them on top of the other things in our easter baskets and I told her there would be a big surprise on easter morning!

002 (2)


We made some resurrection rolls which were a total hit! This is another tradition we will keep in the family for years to come : )


Again maybe next year Joshie can help… he sure helped eat them after they were done!


And we made Meema Devi’s famous Christmas tree bread for a special Sunday Easter breakfast… we just modified to make it into the shape of a cross and one into the shape of an easter egg to symbolize the new life the cross brings for us. We colored the frosting and used fun colored sprinkles instead of the Christmas red and green. We did it all for daddy since he would be there for us on Easter morning!


Joshie helped make sure the rolling pin worked and the spray can kept it’s lid on!


We made this cute craft of a tomb with a rock covering the front an when you move it there’s an angel inside



Easter Sunday:

Easter morning! We covered the easter baskets with a red cloth the night before to cover up our sin rocks and after they went to bed I took out the rocks and put them in a separate bag. On Easter morning I explained that Jesus took our sins and put them in His own basket and replaced ours with new life : ) In their easter baskets we put some new coloring books, reading books and a new worship cd that all teach about Jesus. We were also thankful that our family sent from far and wide some great fun toys/gifts to add to the kiddos baskets. Amelia is so cute because she’ll ask for the book or the toy that she got underneath Jesus’ blood : )


We did an Easter egg hunt and I filled some of the eggs with names of people to be praying for. We were very crunched for time for this egg hunt as daddy had to leave again : ( so we didn’t take time to pray over the names but I am planning to convert them to popsicle sticks and make a prayer jar for our dinner table

IMGA0010 (2)

IMGA0009 (3)

Joshie getting his share of eggs (and another resurrection roll in the other hand!)

IMGA0008 (3)

IMGA0006 (3)


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