Ch. 8: Obedience – Not Victory

The Pursuit of Holiness

by, Jerry Bridges

Ch. 8: Obedience – Not Victory

  • It is clear from this passage [Romans 8:13] that God puts responsibility for living aholy life squarely on us… we are not to “stop trying and start trusting”; we are to put to death the misdeeds of the body p.78
  • If we sin, it is because we choose to sin, not because we lack the ability to say no to temptation p.80
  • It is time for us Christians to face up to our responsibilities for holiness. Too often we say we are “defeated” by this or that sin. No, we are not defeated; we are simply disobedient! It might be well if we stopped using the terms “victory” and “defeat” to describe our progress in holiness. Rather we should use the terms “obedience” and “disobedience” p.80-81

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