Lydia Lynn’s Birth Story

“Behold, children are a gift of the Lord,

The fruit of the womb is a reward.

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,

So are the children of one’s youth.

How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.”

Psalm 127:3-5



We have been so blessed. We are so thankful for our 3 children and know that they all came from the hands of God. Through each of my pregnancies I have learned more and more how much childbearing is completely out of my control. I have zero control over how and when the Lord will choose to bless us with a child and zero control over the sex of the child and zero control over how and when they will choose to leave my womb and enter this world. All the control is in the Lord’s hands and I am so thankful for that because His plans are ALWAYS better than my plans. After all He is the Lord and our Creator and He loves each and every one of us more than we can even imagine. 

 God used this pregnancy with Lydia to help me feel His personal love towards me. As you may know we had to have a c-section with Joshua because of his breech presentation (butt first instead of head first). I was devastated and continued to struggle with emotional healing over this reality well into this pregnancy. We found out at the beginning of my third trimester with Lydia that she too was breech. All of my hopes and dreams of having a natural delivery after a c-section (VBAC) went down the drain. I was so devastated at this news and questioned what God was doing. After all we planned to temporarily live in Arizona so we could have a VBAC since no one in our area in Colorado would do one within a 4 hour drive. Why would God completely tear down our plans?

 The morning I was headed to the doctor to schedule an external version (when they manually try to flip the baby from outside my belly) God worked a miracle and completely blessed us. Lydia turned all by herself about an hour before the appt. I felt her moving differently and wondered what she was doing and it wasn’t till my Dr. told us she was head down that I realized what God had done that morning. He blessed us so greatly and not because of anything we had done or deserved but simply because He wanted to show me His love that morning and bless me like crazy! I am so thankful for this!

 We had about 1 month to go for her to stay head down and for us to anticipate another natural delivery (p.s. natural here does not mean pain medication free… I was asking for my epidural on the couch at our house before we even got to the hospital!).

 On Tuesday night April 30th (3 days overdue) I began having some sporadic contractions but when I was moving around they were fairly close together. Since I was induced with Amelia and c-section with Josh I still wasn’t quite sure if this was the real thing. I waited it out a few hours and they never subsided so Adam and I headed in. I was only 2 cm and 70% effaced… not enough to stay. They sent us home. I kept wondering how long I would have to survive these contractions if they weren’t even doing anything! All day Wednesday they pretty much subsided with a few here and there and they picked up again that evening but it didn’t feel much different from the night before so we continued to wait it out. In the meantime I tried to keep upright and walking as much as I could tolerate in the 100 degree weather out here!

 Then came Thursday (5 days overdue). We headed to a splash pad/marketplace area to walk around and we ate lunch at Paradise Bakery… I picked out my favorite that I haven’t had all pregnancy… Southwestern Chicken Cesear Salad : ) I was having the same contractions all day and they seemed like they were starting to pick up around lunchtime but we just kept on moving. We drove home and around 3 my mom and I decided to make a trip to Target to pick up some last minute things. I wanted to keep walking as my contractions were starting to get stronger and lasting longer and more frequent. By the time we checked out at Target at 4 my contractions were 2 mins. apart and lasting a good minute long. I decided to go home and lay down and see if they subsided. They did a little bit but not enough to convince me we’d be home all night. I got up after an hour and immediately they started coming every 2 mins. again. I called and described what was happening and they said to come in. 7 PM we were in the car headed to the hospital… little did we know only 4 1/2 hours later we’d be meeting our little Lydia : ) My contractions on the drive were so painful and I wondered how soon I could get my epidural : ) with a daunting thought of 7 PM… shift change. I knew what that meant!

 We got to the hospital and sure enough it took about 30 mins. for them to get the triage room and the staff ready for us… good thing Lydia wasn’t ready to come out then! We went to triage and I was 4 cm so they decided to admit us… yipee! We finally got into our delivery room and I got my epidural about 9 PM. I love love love epidurals! Aside from the fact that I started having a contraction right as the anesthesiologist placed the needle in my spine and I was forced to sit perfectly still through a contraction… but a few minutes later pure relief : ) We laid down, relaxed and watched the basketball game. About 10:15 PM they came in to break my water to help speed up labor since I had been contracting for 2 days and they wanted to help things along since I was a VBAC. About 10:45 PM I had this intense urge to push so I called the nurse and she checked me and said… “yep, let’s get ready for delivery, I’ll call the Dr.”. Adam and I were beaming… this was happening so much faster than Amelia!!! Dr. Donnelly came at 11:15 PM and set everything up. She got me ready and showed me that our baby’s head was right there… you could already see her hair… what??? I didn’t even do anything yet to get her there, this is so easy! We got ready to push and sure enough… 16 minutes later and she was out! I pushed for 1 1/2 hours with Amelia (granted she was face up which is a much bigger circumference to push out than the normal face down). I was so intent on pushing for a long time that our Dr. had to tell me to relax and breathe multiple times after her head was out so she could pull her out the rest of the way… I had no idea she was already out : ) Now remember we did not know what sex this baby was which was so much fun. After our Dr. got her shoulder out and the rest of her she laid her on my belly and I quickly asked “what are you???” and Adam said “a girl!”… and my response was “I knew it!” : ) Either way we were so thrilled to have a healthy baby and a wonderfully amazing and beautiful and quick and safe delivery!

 We feel so blessed and are so thankful to the Lord for His gift of our precious Lydia Lynn.

 So thankful to actually get to hold my beautiful baby and experience this… it definitely beats not being able to move on the operating table!


8 lbs 6 oz… biggest one yet! She was 5 days overdue : )

Daddy got to cut the umbilical cord : )

Proud daddy!


 Thank you Dr. Donnelly… Scottsdale VBAC Queen!




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