U is for Umbrella Bird

ABC Theme Week 22: U is for Umbrella Bird

The verse for the letter U this week:

“Unto Thee, O God, do we give thanks.”

Psalm 75:1

We worked on our uppercase and lowercase recognition


Some pattern sheets

004 (19)

005 (21)


Beginning Sounds

006 (20)

We did some number review sheets with cutting and glueing practice


We worked on matching pictures


And it was our first sort of official week in our new home which means our new schoolroom! The condo we’re renting had an amazing extra room just past the living room on the main level. This room is serving as our playroom/schoolroom/everything room… we spend all day every day here and 2 of the best parts… there is a bathroom/laundry room right off of it so we can accomplish a lot while the kiddos play around and the kitchen is right off of it as well so the kiddos can see me and vice versa while I cook dinner!


Here’s Joshie joining in on the learning time fun… sorting through some blocks!


I have cleaned the windows since this picture was taken because we have the most beautiful tree right outside… makes you feel like you’re inside the forest : )


And the craft for the letter U was just painting a picture of an umbrella bird which we were not quite set up to do painting yet so we will accomplish that later!


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