ABC Bible Verses Mini-Booklet




I had been wanting to find a way to quickly reference our ABC Bible Verses we have been memorizing for our ABC Themed Preschool Year. I wanted something we could quickly flip through and recite from the beginning up to where we were at without pulling the book and flipping through the pages. I thought about what I had on hand and made this little booklet that is so cute and I love! It took me about 20 mins. for all the typing, cutting and gluing. I took cardstock paper (blue, green, red and yellow) and I made our title page…

001 (20)

… I then typed up each verse and printed it out on white paper. I cut out the verse and glued it to the cardstock paper. Then I hole punched the corners and put it on one of those fastener key rings. It’s perfect!

003 (20)

I hung it up next to some of our other learning time things and I open it to the verse we’re memorizing that week so we can quickly look at it and recite.

002 (18)


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