Book Review: The Read-Aloud Handbook

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I was so lucky to find this at our library. This is a great book. There is actually an updated edition that came out June of this year. If you are interested in reading this book I would definitely recommend the updated edition although I have not personally read that one. But, he mentions frequently on his book lists and recommendations that some may be out of print or hard to find and with the availability of internet resources I’m certain it would be best to have more updated references.

I really enjoyed his passion for reading aloud and the importance of it in the development of children academically. He brought up some great suggestions for making read aloud time more educational:

  • always say title, author and illustrator
  • bring the author to life – google them and learn about them
  • if there is a question or new word look it up in the dictionary
  • create a wall chart to show how much has been read
  • post a world and US map and put stickers to the locations where the books are set (do some geography lessons and learn more about that place)

The book ends with enormous lists for various age ranges. I basically just copied these lists and now we are reading from them. You can check out my book lists here:


Picture Books

History & Geography




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