W is for Walrus

ABC Theme Week 24: W is for Walrus

The verse for the letter W this week:

“We love Him because He first loved us.”

1 John 4:19

Here is some letter recognition and uppercase vs lowercase

008 (19)

004 (21)

005 (23)

Working on some patterns and circling what picture is different

001 (22)

Some number review sheets… I was so proud of her for drawing the 2 and the 3 all by herself without me making dotted lines to trace!
003 (22)

This super cute rock walrus craft! We had a blast. We went for a walk with 2 bags (1 for Joshie and 1 for Amelia) and collected the rocks we needed from the dirt lot behind our house. Joshie was so cute because he would squat down, pick up a rock, put it in his bag, put his bag around his shoulder, grab his walking stick, then walk along until he saw another rock… it was so cute!)

007 (21)

Our library books

014 (9)


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