X is for X-Ray Tetra Fish

ABC Theme Week 25: X is for X-Ray Tetra Fish

The verse for the letter X this week:

“Except ye be converted,

and become as little children,

ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 18:3

Uppercase vs. lowercase and letter recognition

007 (22)

008 (20)

010 (17)

004 (22)

Word search

005 (24)

Number 9

003 (23)

011 (15)

A couple of letter review worksheets

013 (11)

Matching same words
009 (18)More and fewer sheets

001 (23)

002 (21)

Since these letter is tricky to find an animal to match I had intended to do some stuff centered around the x-ray tetra fish. Well, I couldn’t find any library books and I didn’t take the time to search the internet for anything so we pretty much just bypassed the animal side of this week. We did try to do this rainbow coffee filter fish craft but it kind of turned out to be a dud… when we got the filter wet it didn’t blend like the ones in the pictures (maybe we had the wrong type of crayons?)


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