Z is for Zebra

ABC Theme Week 26: Z is for Zebra

The verse for the letter Z this week:

“Zacchaeus, make haste and come down,

for today I must stay at your house.”

Luke 19:5

Some Z letter and word searches

010 (18)

Cutting and pasting Z words

012 (15)

More and Fewer

011 (16)

Our library books

013 (12)

014 (10)

I am saddened and feeling guilty at the fact that we did not finish up Y and Z as strongly as I would’ve liked to. Granted this past year was the busiest one we’ve ever had with moving 3 times to various other peoples houses with over half our stuff in boxes as well as the pregnancy and birth of our third baby I was hoping to finish this last letter strongly. We pretty well had already begun moving into our year two of preschool and I was overly excited with our plans for that so this got kind of pushed to the background. Anyhoo… here is a link to a cute paper plate zebra craft that we did not do but is cute anyways!


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