Garage Sale Crockpot – A Gift From God?

This morning God very sweetly nudged me and brought something to my mind that brought some great conviction. I shared with my family yesterday how excited I was at my garage sale find last week. The very day before I found this delicious recipe for some seasoned carrots that I wanted to make. However, the recipe was for the carrots in a small crockpot. I only have the giant crockpot for big meals and roasts so I began thinking how I wanted a smaller crockpot for side dishes and dips and what nots. So I thought to myself (this was Friday) that maybe on Saturday I could check out a few garage sales and hope to find one or else maybe try the thrift store next week. So that day passes and Saturday morning rolls around and lo and behold our next door neighbors are having a garage sale (this means I do not need to wait until all 3 kiddos are awake and fed and then pack them in the car to get to the sales) so I walked over all by myself and what was sitting there right in the middle of the first table? A small crockpot!!!! I couldn’t believe it! I snatched it right up, gave my cash and walked home beaming!

Now stuff like this happens to me ALL THE TIME! And here’s what I attribute to it. Adam and I have always lived on one income ever since we were married so we have had 7 years of practicing living a frugal life. Now that we have 3 kiddos and are homeschooling and still on one income the intensity of our frugality continues to increase. I have really enjoyed this being an aspect of our lives although of course there are the temptations of thinking about what we could do on a double income but either way we know we are where the Lord wants us and He will honor that. With this frugal life I have always pinched pennies and we’ve held back on a lot of things because of finances. This is a part of the excitement for me because I do love a good bargain and used things so it’s always fun to see what you can find for so little!

Now I’ve always wondered what God had in store for us for our years of trying our hardest to be good stewards of our finances. We have learned some wonderful lessons along the way that I know have been blessings from our situation and secretly I’ve wondered if some day we will have loads of money and that will be God’s way of blessing us for our years of stewardship… haha! Not likely but sometimes a thought in the back of my mind. Well this is what God has been showing me… He blesses my desires for stewardship to Him by placing sales and deals just for me all over the place… hence the crockpot at the garage sale! I can’t tell you how much money I’ve saved and how many wonderful things (books, clothes, food, decorations, shoes, etc., etc.) God has allowed us to add into our home when we never thought possible. Now here’s where the conviction kicker came. Whenever I excitedly share with someone my new find… I share just that… MY new find. I don’t say… guess what God brought to me at the garage sale this morning! He allowed me to see it like this. Wouldn’t our feelings be hurt if we continually showered little gifts to our children (surprise candies or presents or new books, etc.) all over the place and all the time and they never once acknowledged us as the giver? What if Amelia came downstairs and said mom! look what I found! This brand new dolly! Isn’t that great! and then just went on with her day. Of course I would find joy in her joy in the little present but one day when she begins to wonder where all those things came from and realizes it was from me I think it would hurt my feelings if she never said thank you and always told people about the things SHE found when she was little. I pictured God beaming at me beaming at His surprise and then feeling a bit sad when I completely left Him out while sharing with others about MY find. Oh how I wish I was better at this! How I wish I would consistently give Him the glory and Him the praise! What a testament to others about how uniquely personal and caring and loving our God is that He would be in the little things like a crockpot find at a garage sale. That may make all the difference in how an unbeliever might view our great God.

“Not to us, O Lord, Not to us but to Your name be the glory for ever and ever Amen!” Psalm 115:1


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