Preschool Year Two: Schedule and BFIAR

I am so excited to make this change after trying for one month to plan my curriculum for our second year of preschool. Amelia did so well learning letters, sounds, shapes, colors, numbers, etc. last year and I was a little stuck with where to go this upcoming year. She’s still so young (just turned 4) to really start anything rigorous but most of the preschool curriculum out there is the stuff we learned last year. So I really was looking for an in between before we start going at it next year when she’s 5 (starting history, geography, etc.). That’s when we tried out BFIAR at a friends house and I fell in love with it and knew it would be perfect! This is the perfect filler for this next year. And I love that it gives Joshie something to do (he’s turning 2 this week). He’s so eager to sit and do “school” with us but the poor guy can’t do much being only 2 except color, sort, paint, etc. So this curriculum is great because it’s so hands on and he just loves to read books with us. I am so excited to really get into it! So here is our official plans for our second year of preschool:

School Time in the Morning: (usually between 9 and 9:30 for about 1 hour)

School Time in the Afternoon: (usually from 3:30 – 4:30 with just Amelia while Joshua finishes his nap)

  • Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (1 lesson each day)
  • Read! Build! Write! Mats – 3 words each day
  • Math (I am still praying and trying out different curriculum to find the best fit for us and I will update when I do)
  • Read Alouds for 20 minutes. (we will read books in relation to the BFIAR book that week or the holiday or season of that time or just random fun books – please see my read aloud book list posts for some great list ideas of books to find at your library for read aloud time!)

We do popsicle stick prayers and read from our Children’s Bible at each mealtime and read through Leading Little Ones to God for our bedtime devotional. We finished Big Truths for Little Kids just recently and I loved it! After reading this one we will probably go back to it and just keep swapping between : )

We have been following this schedule this week and it is great! I needed some more structure and to make a schedule for this new season of our lives and this is just beyond perfect.

Be sure to check back to my BFIAR tab under the Homeschool tab as I will post a weekly wrap up with the various activities and things we completed for each BFIAR book.

Happy Homeschooling!


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