Before Five In a Row

Corduroy by, Don Freeman

Bible Time: 



Afternoon School:


We really enjoyed Corduroy. This is a classic kiddo book and it was fun to read it over and over and even in Spanish to the kiddos all week : ) We changed things up this week and went from the lapbook to a notebook to put our completed work together. My friend who is doing BFIAR with her daughter compiles their work this way and I loved it so much better than the lapbooks.

So you basically buy one of the 15 cent folders from Wal-Mart with the 3 pronged hooks inside. I pasted this picture on the front:

021 (2)

And the first page you open to is my planning sheet for the week that I created on Word using various ideas I found online but made my own for our needs : )


Here is a closer view of the planning sheet. I have typed in the things we do every day (Seeds Family Worship, Calendar NB, etc.) and then I have some blank lines under BFIAR for the ideas and worksheets I find online for the book that week. At the bottom on the left I have a box with blank lines for the library books we will check out to read along with the book and on the bottom right is a box for supplies or ingredients I need to acquire for cooking or crafts for the week. And at the very bottom are extra notes… I have been writing down the notes from the BFIAR manual about teaching points they suggest so that way I have it all right here on the same sheet and don’t have to flip through the manual again. It has worked out great for me the last 2 weeks!


I glued the projects that are assigned for lapbooks onto a cardstock paper and inserted them into the folder. Here is the matching word to picture, the F is for friend folder, and the button patterns.


The bible verse “A friend loveth at all times.”, and My Rhyme book


I was so proud of her completing this worksheet. I explained one time how to know which direction the greater than or less than symbol should be pointed and she completed the worksheet all by herself! She’s a smarty when it comes to math : )


Sorting furniture vs. other things… she loves cutting and pasting!


Some shape reviews… we really needed to do this as it has been awhile since we’ve reviewed diamonds, ovals and rectangles


We made the button shape paper dice and worked on some graphing… she really enjoyed this!


Line tracing


Beginning letter sounds

031We took real pennies and placed them on top of this paper and she had to pick out the number card that matched the amount of pennies in the bank
004 (2)

Read! Build! Write! cards for Corduroy001 (4)

I got these worksheets from Homeschool Creations and Homeschool Share.

Read Alouds:

Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday – Judith Viorst

A Chair for My Mother – Vera B. Williams

A New Coat for Anna – Harriet Ziefert


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